one of these things is no like the other.

One of these things is not like the other… One of these things just doesn’t belong.Can you tell which thing is not like the othersBy the time I finish my song? Do any of you remember this song from Sesame Street? Well, the other day we were hanging out with Craig’s brother and I realized […]

impromptu wedding planner.

My brother’s wedding was last weekend and it was lovely. It wasn’t without its stresses though, but that’s usually the case with any wedding.  Thankfully the stress wasn’t for my brother and his wife…just for those of us organizing. I mentioned before that I was to be in charge of decor and flowers.  I ended up staying […]

my baby brother is getting married.

On Saturday this kid is getting married. I can hardly believe my little brother is all grown up and getting married.  I’m so excited for him. I’ll be on decoration duty.  I’m doing all the flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces…the works) and decorating for the reception.  *GULP*.  Hope I don’t screw it up!  Wish me luck! […]