Hi! My name is Lauren.

ABOUT ME // @The Little Things We Do

This is my family…my husband Craig and our children – Fern and Clive.

The Little Things We Do
Here are some things you might want to know about us…


– We live in Portland Oregon in a ranch style house with a forest for a backyard.
– Said house is a major fixer upper. Lucky for me my husband is super handy.
– My husband Craig and I are high school sweethearts who have been together for 12 years and counting.
– Our daughter is named Fern Winter. Her first name was my great grandmother’s name and her middle name was chosen because she was born during the first snowfall of the year.
– Having a baby turned me into a bit of a “hippie”. I had Fern via  a drug-free, out-of-hospital water birth (you can read my birth story HERE) and since then I try to explore new ways of doing things (i.e. homeopathic remediesMontessori floor beds, etc., etc…)
– Our German Shepherd Marley is not named after the book, the movie or the reggae musician.
– I am a work-at-home mom and I write for Babble and Disney Baby.
– I love Jesus and people. I promise not to preach at you though.
– Dressing up my baby in cute little outfits is kind of my new hobby.
– I have a secret love for gangster rap.
– I’m half Mexican, but I can’t speak Spanish even though my mom does. #FAIL.
– Even though it’s totally “un-Portland” of us, we love TV over here. My favorites are “Parks & Rec” and “Walking Dead” even though I’m generally not a zombie fan.
– I used to be a baby-hater, but having my own baby converted me. Now I kind of like them.
– I like the idea of being crafty, but I’m not really very crafty in actuality. I would say I’m fairly creative, but it usually stems from laziness and trying to figure out how to cut corners, so anytime you see a DIY project on here, you can rest assured it is approved for even the most craft-challenged of you.
– I have a terrible sweet tooth and I can’t resist ice cream.
– I sometimes go off on sarcastic rants.
– I hate politics. Can’t we all just get along?
– I love dressing up: silly, fancy or otherwise. It’s the thing I miss most about college.
– I love lists…obviously.
– I’m mildly addicted to social media…particularly Instagram, but you can find me updating regularly via TwitterFacebook and the worm hole that is Pinterest.

I like pretty things, funny things and a million other little things. This blog is all about the little things we do….