Our Winter Weather Savior & Fairy Tale Fun

NIVEA Fairy Tale Creme Tins

Fern is going through this stage where she is CONSTANTLY licking her lips and the area around her mouth. I think it’s probably just a kid thing, because I’ve had other friends mention that their kids did it too, but whenever I ask what they did about it, they sort of just shrug and say […]

On Wrangling Wild Gators: AKA Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

Philips Sonicare For Kids Power Tooth Brush

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to choosing my favorite parenting tasks, teeth brushing is not particularly high ranking on the list. Give me a wiggly toddler to dress…I’m game! Have me cut up fruit in a billion teeny, tiny pieces…done! But brushing my kids teeth always feels like such a chore. […]

Christmas Card Hater Turned Lover

Christmas Card Hater Turned Lover // via The Little Things We Do

I am absolutely and unequivocally not a sender of mail. Don’t get me wrong. I like the whole idea of snail mail, but what I do not like is having to go to the actual post office with my tiny crazies (AKA my children) to purchase stamps and actually send things, because have you ever been to the […]

Birth Story Podcast Interview

Birth Story Podcast // via The Little Things We Do

Being pregnant with baby #3 has brought about all kinds of nostalgia surrounding the birth stories of my children, so it was really fun to be part of my friend Bryn’s podcast series The Birth Hour. If you are into birth stories like I am, you’ll love this series. And props to Bryn for figuring […]

What Fern + Clive Wore: Of One Sea

What Fern + Clive Wore: Of One Sea // via The Little Things We Do

A little while back (i.e. when the sun was still shining and I wasn’t doubled over with migraines and nausea from pregnancy) we were sent a fun box of goodies from the Hawaii-based surf brand Of One Sea. It took me awhile to finally post about it because of being sick, but I’m really excited […]

Oh Hey Baby!

Oh Hey Baby! // via The Little Things We Do

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably heard the news already, but if not this is what’s been happening around here…   I’ve been cooking up a tiny human! Which means come next May there will be three little people running around here (likely with my sanity in their sticky clutches) and things […]