Monday Morning Humor

Monday Morning Humor // @ The Little Things We Do

A fair amount of Portlanders would consider themselves to be coffee snobs and it’s pretty hard to avoid. When you’re surrounded by amazing coffee you quickly develop an aversion to anything that’s not. People here treat their coffee like an art form…knowing all about the process and sourcing the best ingredients possible. My husband actually […]

A Day at the Farmer’s Market With the Joovy Too Qool

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One of the first pieces of baby gear I researched when I knew I was having another baby was a double stroller. Initially I thought I would probably go with something with a stand-on platform like the Joovy Caboose and maybe a side-by-side double for jogging. But, then Joovy offered to send me the Joovy Too […]

Losing It + My Whole30 Challenge

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My weight is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I was a chubby kid, a chubby adolescent and then in college I lost 40 pounds. I did it using Weight Watchers, but I took shortcuts. I ate frozen food from boxes, or skipped meals in favor of eating ice cream. So while I may […]

Clive’s First Days of Life

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Early in my pregnancy with Clive, my talented photographer friend Caroline of Coeur de La Photography told me she wanted to be there to document my home birth. I had never really considered having birth photos, since I’m a pretty modest person and during Fern’s birth I didn’t want anyone else aside from Craig and my midwives […]

Let’s Go To the Movies…and Shopping Too!

Let's Go To the Movies...and Shopping Too!

“I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting  for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.” I’ll admit…before becoming an ambassador for this Kohl’s and Disney campaign I never really shopped at Kohl’s. Not because I didn’t like Kohl’s or anything, but because I just […]

Apparently I’m Crazy

Apparently I'm Crazy // @ The Little Things We Do

You know those kids in college who literally lived for syllabuses (syllabi? Is that even a word? No matter…) – the kid who got the syllabus and immediately and painstakingly mapped out the term in their handy dandy student planner so they would stay on top of things and get things done ahead of time? That […]