A Beautiful, Challenging and Unexpected Journey

A Beautiful, Challenging and Unexpected Journey // via The Little Things We Do

My breastfeeding journey has been anything but expected. Literally everything about it has surprised me. First I was surprised by how difficult it was and then by how easy it became. I was surprised by how convenient it could be and yet how inconvenient it felt at times. I was surprised by the sometimes love/hate relationship I had […]

Alice’s First Beach Trip: AKA The Time We Stuffed Elevendy Billion Things Into One Diaper Bag

Product of the North - Super cool, locally made diaper bags for moms OR dads!

When Alice was a mere 11 days old, I had a moment of pure insanity and decided that taking three children – age four and under – on a two hour road trip to the beach sounded like a totally great idea. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that it probably wasn’t one of […]

Something Special for the Third Child

Something Special for the Third Child // Not-So-Basic Birth Announcements

You know how people say that the third child sort of just raises itself? Well, it’s kind of true. Life with our little Alice Rosalie has been oh-so-sweet, but I would be lying if I said she was getting our full and undivided attention. The truth is…we have two other kids vying for our attention […]

It’s That Time Again: Whole30 Lazy Girl Style

It's That Time Again: Whole30 Lazy Girl Style

I have always struggled with my weight…like always. I was “the chubby kid” until sometime during junior high when I thinned out a bit, but even then my weight always fluctuated. As a result, I’ve spent a good chunk of my adult life trying out various diets and supplements and while some of them technically worked, they weren’t […]

Maybe Even Better Than Disneyland

Barnabas Family Camp 2016

If I could spend the rest of my life only vacationing at one single location it would probably be Family Camp. Disneyland would be a close second, since I’m a total sucker for Disney magic, but Barnabas Family Camp definitely has a magic all its own. I’ve written about Barnabas before and all the reasons why […]