My Favorite Summer Cocktail

My Favorite Summer Cocktail // @ The Little Things We Do

Around here, Craig is the resident drink slinger. He loves (loves) drinks…espresso, cocktails, beer…and he’s always whipping up some form of delicious beverage or another. I’ll have to take photos of the bar he built in our house sometime – industrial espresso machine, beer on tap, and shelves of liquor…it’s pretty rad. Anyway, cucumber gin […]

Curly Hair Tips For Little Girls + A Giveaway!

Curly Little Girlies // @ The Little Things We Do

I get a lot of questions about Fern’s hair and how I get it to curl the way it does. The short answer is: genetics. She just lucked out with some pretty adorable curls. That said, her curls definitely require a bit of taming and over time I’ve acquired a little arsenal of favorites for […]

Portland Places: Eb & Bean

Portland Places: Eb & Bean // @ The Little Things We Do

I love (no seriously LOVE) frozen yogurt. It was the one food I still craved during my Whole30 and I knew it would be the first non-compliant food I would indulge in when it was through. My favorite frozen yogurt spot (Yogurtland) closed shop during my Whole30 which almost brought me to tears, so I tried some […]

What Fern Wore: Tomboy Pink

What Fern Wore: Tomboy Pink // @ The Little Things We Do

We are currently in the trenches of what I’ve come to (not-so)lovingly refer to as “The Twirly Dress Phase”. This means exactly what you think it means…my two-and-a-half year old will not tolerate anything that isn’t a dress that twirls. She literally wakes up in the morning and the first thing she says when I […]

Thoughts on 30

Thoughts on 30 // @ The Little Things We Do

Today is my 30th birthday…a day I’d been dreading for years. For some reason I always just thought of 30 as being officially “old” and who wants to be old, right? But, now that 30 is here…I feel OK, because the accumulation of these past three decades is something I feel pretty proud of. Over […]

My 30th Birthday Wish List

My 30th Birthday Wish List // @ The Little Things We Do

My birthday is on the horizon (August 12th to be precise) and it’s a big one…the BIG 3-0! I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about it, but now that 30 is here I feel fine. I’m not one of those girls who’s all “Yay! 30!”, but I’m OK with it and I’m pretty happy with […]