Average Mom Style: My Favorite “Looks Like I Tried” Outfit

Average Mom Style: My Dress-Up Go To For Fall // via The Little Things We Do

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t really feel like trying when it comes to picking out an outfit…and by sometimes I mean actually, mostly all the times. My almost 16-month-old sleeps like a chump (yes, I said chump…not to be confused with champ), my three-year-old is kind of a jerk half the time and […]

What Fern Wore: Summer to Fall With Sprouting Threads

What Fern Wore: Summer to Fall Transition // via The Little Things We Do

Over the summer we received a couple of outfits in the mail from the kids clothing subscription box service Sprouting Threads. It’s basically like Stitch Fix, but for kids where a stylist chooses clothes for your little one based on a style profile you complete. I’ll admit that I was highly skeptical. I’ve never tried Stitch […]

The Little Things I Want To Remember

The Little Things I Want To Remember // @ The Little Things We Do

Motherhood goes by so fast you guys. I mean, of course everyone always told me as much before I became a mom and they especially told me when I had tiny babies, but usually I just brushed those comments off, because “Yeah right little old lady at the grocery store. Do you have any idea how ridiculously long this day has been […]

What’s Your Type?

Personality Style Quiz // via The Little Things We Do

Something you should know about me is that I am a sucker for any kind of quiz. Buzzfeed’s “Which Disney princess are you?” (apparently I’m Tiana) or “What was your high school stereotype?” quizzes suck me in every time. When I was a teenager, I would spend hours lying on my bed taking the quizzes […]

31 Things On My 31st Birthday

31 Things On My 31st Birthday // via The Little Things We Do

Remember back in the day when blogging was simple? The days of fill-in-the-blank blog hops and the posting of lists of fun facts about ourselves and un-styled, crappy cell phone photos…ahhh, how I long for those days sometimes. Granted I still totally do the crappy cell phone photo thing, but that’s besides the point. I still miss it. […]

Our Summer Vacation: Heaven on Earth

Barnabas Family Camp Fun! // via The Little Things We Do

Somehow in all my years of writing here in this little space, I have never mentioned one of my most favorite places on the planet. Far up north in BC Canada, lies a little island called Keats island. On this little island is a magical place where heaven meets earth called Barnabas. {Pure magic.} This past […]