Losing the Baby Weight Update

Losing the Baby Weight Update // @ The Little Things We Do

It’s been a bit since I’ve checked in and given an update on my postpartum weight loss, so I thought I’d share what’s been going on and clarify a few things. This is a photo I posted the other day on Instagram. It was a big day for me, because I stepped on the scale […]

He Wore, She Wore

He Wore, She Wore // @ The Little Things We Do

Awhile back the lovely people over at Jord watches sent Craig a watch. He was pretty excited since he very rarely receives any fun blog-related perks (usually all the fun stuff is for our kids). He got choose a watch from their collection of awesome wood watches – he chose the Fieldcrest (in black) – and when […]

Too Busy for Motherhood

Too Busy for Motherhood // @ The Little Things We Do

If any of you are Bible readers, then you may know the story of Mary and Martha. If not, here’s a quick summary: Jesus goes to the home of these two sisters, Mary and Martha. While he is there, Mary sits at his feet intently listening and soaking up everything Jesus has to say, while Martha […]

SoCozy + Back-To-School Hairstyles for Kids

SoCozy + Back-To-School Hairdos for Kids // @ The Little Things We Do

My girl is the girliest of girls. Loves pink, frills, princesses, twirly dresses…you get the idea. One of her absolute favorite things is to primp her hair and “makeup” when I’m doing mine. Awhile ago bought her her own lip balm and a set of cheap makeup brushes to play with and she keeps them in […]

My Favorite Summer Cocktail

My Favorite Summer Cocktail // @ The Little Things We Do

Around here, Craig is the resident drink slinger. He loves (loves) drinks…espresso, cocktails, beer…and he’s always whipping up some form of delicious beverage or another. I’ll have to take photos of the bar he built in our house sometime – industrial espresso machine, beer on tap, and shelves of liquor…it’s pretty rad. Anyway, cucumber gin […]

Curly Hair Tips For Little Girls + A Giveaway!

Curly Little Girlies // @ The Little Things We Do

I get a lot of questions about Fern’s hair and how I get it to curl the way it does. The short answer is: genetics. She just lucked out with some pretty adorable curls. That said, her curls definitely require a bit of taming and over time I’ve acquired a little arsenal of favorites for […]