Portland Fashion Week: Children’s Wear With Sister Fresh

Portland Fashion Week: Children's Wear With Sister Fresh // @ The Little Things We Do

Tonight marks the opening night of Portland Fashion Week and I am SO excited to be attending as a member of the PFW Style Collective. I can’t wait to see all the couture and ready-to-wear fashions for women, but you know what I’m even more excited about? Children’s wear. It’s no secret that I love kid’s […]

Finding the Passion Again

Finding the Passion Again // @ The Little Things We Do

Waking up early on a Sunday morning, I sneak away from the baby who is sweetly snoozing in my bed and tiptoe quietly into the bathroom in an attempt to tame my unruly mop of hair before church. No sooner has the curling wand heated up than I am called back by whimpering cries. Baby […]

Easy-Access Fashion For Nursing Mamas

Easy-Access Fashion For Nursing Mamas // @ The Little Things We Do

When I was in college, I owned approximately 800 sweatshirts. OK…slight exaggeration. I probably owned like 50 though. I gave them a break for awhile, because hoodies just didn’t feel very “grown-up”, but last year I brought them back, because…crewnecks. Crewneck sweatshirts definitely have a more adult vibe to them and there are a ton […]

Kohl’s + Disney’s: “Frozen” Sing Your Heart Out Contest

Kohl's + Disney's: "Frozen" Sing Your Heart Out Contest // @ The Little Things We Do

“I participated in an Ambassador campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting  for Kohl’s. I received promotional items and product samples as a thank you for participating.” This weekend I learn a couple of very valuable life lessons: 1. Making videos with children is ridiculously difficult As part of the Kohl’s + Disney campaign that I’ve […]

My Second Baby Must-Haves

My Second Baby Must-Haves // @ The Little Things We Do

There are a lot of things you think you need as a first time mom as far as baby gear is concerned. But, over time you realize which things are more useful than others. Obviously this list looks a little different for everyone, but I always love comparing to see what things people find to […]

Losing the Baby Weight Update

Losing the Baby Weight Update // @ The Little Things We Do

It’s been a bit since I’ve checked in and given an update on my postpartum weight loss, so I thought I’d share what’s been going on and clarify a few things. This is a photo I posted the other day on Instagram. It was a big day for me, because I stepped on the scale […]