The Three-Year-Old’s Guide to Hawaii

The Three-Year-Old's Guide to Hawaii // @ The Little Things We Do

The thing about freelance writing for a job is that I am a total procrastinator. I probably make the poor editors I work with crazy with all my attheverylastsecond post offerings. Most of the time they are accompanied by e-mails reminding them that, “I know this is due on Monday, and I know you’re in New York, […]

Her Little Darlings

Her Little Darlings // @ The Little Things We Do

If you’re new’ish around here you may not know that on occasion, I moonlight as a wardrobe (and sometimes prop) stylist. I don’t do it very often anymore now that I have kids since shoots are long and unpredictable, which doesn’t exactly mesh with my current season of life. If I do take on styling […]

What Fern Wore: Mother/Daughter Date

What Fern Wore: Mother/Daughter Date // @ The Little Things We Do

Sometimes I’m kind of a terrible mom. Sometimes I snap at my kids and my fuse is ridiculously short. Sometimes I find myself stomping on Fern’s little spirit without even meaning to when I’m feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. And while it’s true that she is three-years-old which means she can be frustrating as hell sometimes, more than […]

Super Easy DIY Deer Costume For Kids

Last Minute DIY Deer Costume For Kids // @ The Little Things We Do

  A few weeks back we were invited to an animal themed birthday party where little guests were invited to arrive dressed as an animal of their choosing. Fern chose a deer. If this were Halloween, you know I would’ve gone all out, because I love me some costume action, but since it was a […]

Lazy Girl’s Guide To Whole30: Simple + Delicious Meals

Spicing Up Your Whole30 with Tessemae's: Part 1 // @ The Little Things We Do

{This simple + delicious Whole30 meal series is sponsored by Tessemae’s. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.} As you all know, I am a lover of the Whole30. If you’re new around here, I’ll give you the reader’s digest version of why: I gained 65 pounds during my second pregnancy 8 months […]

Not Yoga Pants: My Mama Travel Uniform

Not Yoga Pants: My Mama Travel Uniform // @ The Little Things We Do

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “Not Yoga Pants” post, but I was feeling inspired by our upcoming trip to Maui (T-minus 8 days!) and wanted put together a little travel inspired outfit inspiration. While this will be my first time traveling to Hawaii, I am no stranger to flying with kids and I’ve learned […]