The Wedding Gift That Keeps On Giving

LAZY GIRL WHOLE30: Crockpot BBQ Buffalo Pulled Chicken "Sandwiches"

When Craig and I got married 8 years ago we were young, in-love and broke. He was still in college and I was a recent graduate and we were definitely lacking in the housewares department. Before we got married we lived separately. We both lived in co-op housing during college and then with groups of […]

On Fall Perfection and Tiny Human Dress-Up Dolls

On Fall Perfection and Tiny Human Dress-Up Dolls

Fall is my absolute favorite season. It is proof that God loves us and does not want us to have to spend an entire 365 days being either miserably hot or miserably cold. Fall is pure perfection in my personal opinion…cool, crisp, sunny (at least sometimes sunny…since we still live in the rather rainy PNW). It’s quite lovely. In other […]

Whole30 Lunches for Kids (and Grownup!) On-the-Go

Whole30 Lunches for Kids (and Grownup!) On-the-Go

With school back in session, I’m sure there are quite a few of you parents our there who are getting back in the not-always-so-fun routine of making school lunches. I mean, I know some parents are bento box wizards who make panda bear sandwiches and flowers our of carrots and polenta, but for the rest of […]

Precious…But Not Too Precious

Precious...But Not Too Precious // via The Little Things We Do

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a mother is learning to let go. As someone who already has a plan A, B and C in mind at all times and constantly feels the need to be in control, learning to hold plans/things with a light hand has certainly been a refining process. Learning […]

FRIDAY FAVES: For Mamas + Littles

FRIDAY FAVES // via The Little Things We Do

Long ago and far away in the childless land of yesteryear, I would often do round-ups of my favorite things here on this blog. I think it was called “My Favorite Little Things” or “Little Things I’m Loving”…I can’t really recall now because: mom brain. Whatever the case, it’s been a good long while since […]