Janky First Aid + 10 Grown-Up Things I Should Probably Do

Grown-Up Things I Should Probably Do + Janky First Aid

When you’re a kid you want to be a grownup sooooo badly. You lament the ridiculousness of following your parents rules and can’t wait for the day when you’ll be a full-fledged grownup yourself so you can do awesome grownup things…like eating ice cream for dinner and staying up late and buying whatever you want. […]

A Beautifully Simple Way To Stay in the Moment With Google

A Beautifully Simple Way To Stay in the Moment With Google

Every once in awhile I have these moments when I sort of wish technology wasn’t a thing. Don’t get me wrong…I am certainly thankful for all of the benefits that technology brings (hello streaming Netflix, I’m looking at you!), but sometimes it can be a bit much and honestly feel like more of a time […]

Making Special Moments in the Midst of Chaos

Special Moments With Aquaphor Baby

Making the decision to have a third child was one of the most wonderful/insane choices we have ever made. Let’s start with the insane. It is never (and I mean never) quiet. My big kids only have one volume: loud and when there’s a fussy baby added to the mix the noise level hovers somewhere around […]

My Kids May Be Exhausting, But at Least They’re Entertaining

Kids: Exhausting, But Entertaining.

When Fern was a baby and throughout most of her toddlerhood, I kept careful track of the important events in her life. I jotted down milestones in her baby book and when she started talking I wrote down words and phrases she said so I could remember them. I also blogged any and all events. […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // For all the ladies in your life!

1. Pentel Sign Tip Pens – Set of 12, $14.37 A rainbow of pens for doodling, calligraphy or writing notes to friends. 2. Personalized Bar Pendant Necklace, $74.00 – 88.00 This is the perfect gift for a mom or grandmother. It can be personalized with whatever you choose. I have one with each of my children’s names […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // ages 0-1

  Yesterday, I kicked off my week of gift guides with a gift guide for kids (ages 2-8’ish) and now I’m back with a guide for babies. I had to cut myself off when I was making this one, because I could’ve gone on and on…and on. I couldn’t help it. Baby stuff is just […]