My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

In my pre-mama days, I used to be a wardrobe stylist. Technically I still am, but with the craziness that is life with three littles, styling gigs are few and far between, and dressing my kids is really the only wardrobe styling I have time for anymore. Hopefully, when they’re a bit bigger, I’ll get to […]

Salads That Don’t Taste Like Sadness

Salads That Don't Taste Like Sadness // via The Little Things We Do

I don’t know what things are like at your house, but at mine, meal times are a real *insert poop emoji* show. This basically means that three times a day (and that’s not including the 3,752 snacks they ask for during the day), I am a transformed into a crazy person, rushing around the kitchen […]

In the Thick of It

In the Thick of It // via The Little Things We Do

Those of you who have been reading this blog since my pre-parenting days may recall the rants of a former childless blogger (*ahem*…me) who swore to the high heavens that having babies would never change me or my lifestyle. “Our kids will have to learn to adapt,” I said, and “We’ll teach them to act right in […]

Snack Time is Our Jam

Snack Time With Kabrita Yogurt

I don’t know about you, but my kids are always hungry. Like…ALL. WAYS. “Moooooohhhhmmmmm! I’m hunnnnngry!” is a phrase I hear at least 27 times a day (per kid mind you) and it’s kind of exhausting…especially since cooking/food prep is not my jam. I’m already making breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day, and now you […]

The Netflix Hobbyist + Some of My Favorite Shows

I Used To Have Hobbies, But Then I Became a Parent

Before I had kids I had hobbies. I used to love all things crafty and I used to read actual books. I used to go to cool places that sold lovely things, or go thrifting for hours, and I used to eat at delicious restaurants. Then I had kids. Now, the only crafts I do […]

21 Things That Cross the Mind of a Mother While Getting Dressed

Things Moms Think About When Getting Dressed

Before I had kids getting dressed was a breeze. It involved very little forethought. Just two questions really. 1) “What’s the weather like?” and 2) “What do I feel like wearing today?” It really was quite simple. Fast forward a few years and a few kids later and things have become decidedly more complicated. Where getting dressed once came […]