Favorite Portland Restaurants:

*Pok Pok (must order: the spicy fish sauce wings)

*Grassa (must order: anything – it’s all delicious)

*Lardo (must order: the banh mi,

*Screen Door (must order: chicken & waffles – only available at brunch on weekends)

*Pips Original Doughnuts (must order: the chai! The donuts are all wonderful, but my favorite is the classic honey + sea salt)

*Blue Star Donuts (must order: the blueberry bourbon basil donut)

*Water Avenue Coffee (must order: anything, but their decaf will change your life if you’re pregnant or avoiding caffeine)

*Bollywood Theater (must order: the kati roll, vada pav, the mango lassi)

*Southland Whiskey Kitchen (must order: the smokestack sandwich)

*Tasty n Sons (must order: everything is delicious, but the burger is the best I’ve had)

*Double Dragon (must order: the meatball banh mi)