10-Year-Anniversary Recap!

*This post was created in partnership with Wyndham Vacation Rentals. Our stay was comped in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.


We are currently starting to climb out of the black pit of despair that was Hand Foot Mouth disease (if you don’t know what it is DO NOT GOOGLE. The photos are awful) that spread through all three of our kids. Those terrible, itchy, uncomfortable rashes has us all housebound for a good, long while and now that we are out of it I think I’m ready for a vacation. Except that we just had one in December. Annnnnd…I forgot to share about it (*insert face palm emoji here*). So I thought I’d share now and reminisce about those glorious child-free days we did have back before all this dang winter illness took us out!

Back in December we were invited by Wyndham Vacation Rentals to stay at their Coast Backcomb Suites location in Whistler B.C. and it was perfect timing, because December marked our 10-year-anniversary. Whistler was actually where we spent our honeymoon as baby newlyweds (see photo evidence below) back in the day, so we were excited to go back and be nostalgic all over again.

We got to road trip there and back, listening to ALLLL the podcasts and rap playlists we wanted to along the way without fear of little ears hearing, which was probably one of my favorite parts. My other favorite part was the hotel where we stayed.

When we came to Whistler for our honeymoon we stayed in Whistler Village, which was nice, but I actually really enjoyed that the Coast Backcomb Suites were further up the mountain away from all the busy-ness. It felt perfectly private and cozy and a bit more romantic.

The location was also super convenient in many ways. The biggest appeal is that it’s a ski-in, ski-out hotel and they have a complimentary ski valet service, so Craig was able to snowboard right out of the hotel down to the Wizard Express chairlift at the Blackcomb Base to start the day and when he was done he could board right back into the hotel and drop off his board and boots at the ski valet. So nice! This is the trail from the hotel to the slopes. Literally right out the back door!

And here’s a little video compilation from my Instagram stories where I showed the ski-in, ski-out in action:

After time in the snow, there is a super convenient, free guest shuttle that would take us right down to the village. It runs really often, so it wasn’t a pain waiting around for it and I hate driving so it was wonderful. It also saved us from paying for parking every day if we had driven into the village. I mean how can you mind waiting when this is the view from your shuttle stop?

In addition to the convenient location, the suites were really comfortable and cozy. Ours was a one-bedroom with a kitchen, a fireplace and a cute little balcony, so it felt more homey than your typical hotel. One of our other favorite perks was the heated pool and hot tub. There really is nothing better than taking a soak in a hot tub whilst in the middle of a wooded winter wonderland emirate?! The view from our balcony was so pretty!

In the interest of full transparency, I will say that the only negative aspect I had to report was the beds. They were pretty uncomfortable and I had planned to e-mail them about it after we left, but as we loaded up our luggage in our car we saw signs stating that they were getting new beds that week and saw this giant truck full of new mattresses as we pulled out of the hotel lot to head home. We had a pretty good laugh about the irony of that. Needless to say, anyone who stays there now is bound to have wonderfully, comfy new beds to sleep in :).

Aside from all the lounging we did at our hotel (which was quite a bit, because let’s be real, we have three kids and even just binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine feels like a vacation), we had a great time exploring the village and eating ALLLL the things. So. Much. Eating.

A few favorites:

*Mount Currie Coffee Company – Our favorite coffee

*Harajuku Izakaya – A Japanese tapas + sake bar and it was for sure my favorite meal we ate. The food was delicious and the pitcher of sake margaritas was sooooo good!

*El Furniture Warehouse – great spot for cheap eats – especially late at night. Everything on the happy hour menu was only $4 I think!

*Teppan Village – Japanese hibachi grill. We went here 10-years-ago and had to come back. Met a lovely drunk couple who was sure we would really hit it off with their young adult kids. Haha!

We also got to see not one, but TWO movies (Orient Express and Ladybird in case you were curious) in a theater while we were there, and enjoyed ice skating at Whistler Olympic Plaza. I forgot how bad I am at ice skating, but we had fun nonetheless.

Overall we had a really wonderful time reconnecting and really enjoyed our stay at the Coast Backcomb Suites. Thanks so much for having us Wyndham Vacation Rentals – definitely recommend checking them out for your vacation needs!



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