Gift Guide for Little Kids

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Next up on the gift guide list is the gift guide for “little kids”, which I’m categorizing as ages 4 – 8ish. Some of these gift ideas might be a bit young for an 8-year-old and some may be a bit old for a 4-year-old, but for the most part most of these should be crowd pleasers. Also worth noting, you won’t see any licensed characters (with the exception of Star Wars, because duh) or electronics, because 1) I figure your kids are already bugging you for the latest Barbie/Disney/Super Hero toys so you’ve already got those covered, and 2) I kind of avoid giving my kids extra electronics like the plague so I’m pretty clueless about what’s cool in that department. This is not to say that I have anything against licensed characters or electronics…I just figure kids get more than enough of those most of the time, so I won’t inundate you with more here. Hopefully these will give you some good ideas to get started!

1. Modern Dollhouse

I love how sweet and simple this dollhouse is. I also love that it is smallish and has an open concept making it easier for multiple kids to enjoy it at once (something we have had an issue with when it comes to our current dollhouse). Also…that cool modern furniture has me swooning!

Get it for $60.00 via Made You Look (find accessories here)

2. Boogie Board Play & Trace LCD e-Writer

We got this board for a road trip this summer and it’s so great! Its basically the modern version of the Magna Doodle we all knew and loved as kids, but a super cool digital version. I love that it’s see-through so you can place pages behind the board for tracing fun.

 Get it via Amazon

3. Trademark Raglan Hoodie

We have been Childhoods clothing fans since the very beginning – starting with their signature hooded sweatshirt. This version may have some updates from the original, but it is our tried and true favorite. Love this constellation print, but there are plenty of others to choose from as well.

Get it for $40.00 via Childhoods

4. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

I bought a pack of these for writing lunch notes to my oldest and ever since she commandeered them and made them her own. She loves doodling with them and the price is definitely right.

Get them via Amazon

5. Create Your Own Bitty Books

I recently ordered this set of DIY board books as a birthday gift for one of Fern’s friends and she loved it! Perfect for the little artist/story teller on your list!

Get it via Amazon

6. Family Bingo

Who doesn’t love a gift that solicits a little bit of quality family time? This family bingo set comes with a vintage style roller cage for the bingo balls and I am super into it. Also a great way for younger kids in the family to practice identifying letters and numbers.

Get it for $35.00 via Made You Look

7. Schleich Horse & Blanket Play Set

For the kid that loves horses, Schleich makes some really great ones. They have a wide variety of sets and I love how detailed they are – right down to the apples and bag of oats. This one will be wrapped up under our tree.

Get it via Amazon

8. CHARM IT! Charm Bracelet 

Is it weird that I sort of want one of these charm bracelets for myself? Maybe? OK. But seriously, these charm bracelets are what little girl dreams are made of. I’m totally getting one of these for Fern. I linked to a few of my favorite charms below, but there are SO many more cute ones to choose from! The little moon locket one is my fave and it even says “I love you to the moon and back” on the back. How cute is that?

Bracelet // Gumboil Charm // Moon Locket Charm //  Ballet Slipper Charm, // Journal Charm

9. The Roundabout Marble Run

Marble runs are a super fun, cause and effect activity for kids that will keep them entertained for ages. I love the classic wood construction of this set – a piece that will definitely withstand the test of time.

Get it for $75.00 via Made You Look

10. Star Wars Sleeping Bags

Having your own character sleeping bag is sort of a rite of passage, no? I still remember my Little Mermaid sleeping bag quite fondly.

Get it for $79 via Pottery Barn Kids

11. Design Your Own Super Hero Cape

For the crafty kid who loves to make believe, this DIY super hero cape kills two birds with one stone.

Get it for $40.00 via Made You Look

12. Elsa Heart Purse

GAIA has a whole collection of cute mini purses that would be perfect for the little fashionista on your list (check out the kitty ones too!), but the best part is they are empowering women. Each bag is made by refugee women (who have resettled in Dallas) using sustainable materials. Jobs for them, cute accessories for all. It’s a win win.


Get it for $44.00 from GAIA

13. Swurfer Tree Swing

This gift is a great way to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors playing. You can see a video of this thing in action, but the gist is: it’s a skateboard swing that you stand on. Looks so fun!

Get it via Amazon

14. Star Wars T-Shirt

All Star Wars everything…even (especially) t-shirts. Even especially vintage-inspired ones like this.

Get if  via Amazon

15. Story Starter Memory Book

Each page of this book can be customized with a personal photo and a few words as a story prompt to spark the imagination of a child in a way that is made just for them. Personalized gifts always feel extra special and this one is a really cool interactive option.

Get it for $34.99 via Pinhole Press

16. Zipper Dress

A dress that she can still be comfy and cozy in while she runs around at recess!

Get it for $42.00 via Monica & Andy

17. Magic 8 Ball

I loved my Magic 8 Ball as a kid and I have a feeling it would still be a hit with kids today. Endless hours of question asking fun.

Get it via Amazon

18. Custom Letter Baseball Caps 

Another super cool personalized gift option: Monogram letter baseball caps! Whether the kid on your list plays ball or not, how cool would it be to have a cap with their own initial? Can be customized in a variety of colors (pink, navy, red, etc.).

Get it for $25.00 via Rey to Z 

19. Guess Who

I’m a sucker for retro games like this one. I loved Guess Who as a kid and I bet a kid on your list just might enjoy it too!

Get it via Amazon

20. Customized Sweatshirt

Can you tell I’m feeling the customization this year? These sweatshirts are perfect for boys or girls and can be customized however you wish. I’m seriously contemplating ordering a set of three “BFF” ones for my kids.

Get it for $41.60 via Brown Sugar Beach on Etsy

21. Vans Customs

Vans are super cool with kids right now and how much fun would a custom pair be? You can even upload your own photos or art for them!

Get them via Vans (price varies)


22. Nailmatic Nailpolish & Lip Gloss Set

For the little girl on your list who loves to get fancy, this nail polish and lip gloss combo is one parents can feel good about. It’s free of nasty chemicals – formulated just for kids – and easily washes off with soap and water, which means no drama if a bit accidentally spills.

Get it for $18.00 via Nordstrom

23. This is How We Do It

This is a super cool picture book that even bigger kids will appreciate. A beautiful look inside a day in the life of seven kids from around the world. This one is definitely on my wish list for our bookshelf.

Get it via Amazon

24. Emoji Hair Clips

For the kid who is emoji obsessed (like my daughter). These Hello Shiso clips are super fun. They have a ton of other fun clips too, so give them a gander.

Get them for $13.00 via Hello Shiso

25. Kwikstix Solid Tempera Paint

Type-A parents everywhere are rejoicing over these solid Tempera paint sets. It’s like a paint pen. No mess, but looks like paint and dries in 90 seconds! I’m definitely sold.

Get it via Amazon

26. Cat Study Kids Apron

A cute apron for the budding foodie and all of her kitchen experiments. I haven’t found a ton of cool neutral options for a little boy or a girl wanting a less feminine pattern, but if you find any let me know because I’m sure my son would love an apron too!

Get it via Anthropologie

27. Uncle Goose Sight Word Blocks

For the kid who is learning to read – these sight word blocks are a fun way to build sentences and start learning those important connecting words!

Get them via Amazon

28. Football Guys

For the kid who loves football, these “football guys” are so fun. A great gift to encourage imaginative play or to practice running plays! The set comes with a full blue and red team, a football field play mat, referee and everything else you’ll need! They also make a variety of other styles of these that you can check out.

Get it via Amazon

29. Kid Made Modern Smarts & Crafts Case

All the bits and bobs a kid could need for DIY art time!

Get if  via Target

30. Gnome on the Roam Family Adventure Kit

A fun kit of create-your-own-adventure for your very own gnome!

Get it via Amazon

31. My First Chess Set

A bright and colorful set like this is such a fun way to introduce a kid to the wonderful game of chess.

Get it via Nordstrom

32. Micro Maxi Kick Scooter

We have these scooters and LOVE them! High quality and they come in a variety of great colors!

Get it via Amazon

33. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit 

For the endlessly curious kid, this science kit is a fun way to keep them entertained while also quenching their never-ending passion for know “WHYYYY?!”

Get it via Amazon

34. Build & Imagine Sets

These Build & Imagine sets are such a cool idea! Basically a cool, interactive twist on a doll house. Kids can arrange the magnetic pieces into a variety of configurations. There are quite a few options, but I linked to a few favorites below.

Pet Portrait Studio, $33.81 // Malia’s House, $51.99 // Marine Rescue Center, $44.73

35. Paint By Sticker

These paint by sticker books are the coolest and will give kids a great option for quiet entertainment.

Get it via Amazon

36. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

You really can never go wrong with LEGO anything as a gift and this is a great open-ended box of classic pieces.

Get them via Amazon

37. Lite Brite

Another great throwback gift to bring joy to the next generation.

Get it via Amazon

Happy gifting friends!



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