An Airing of the Parenting Grievances

An Airing of the Parenting Grievances // The Little Things We Do

Today when I was as Costco, in the checkout line, I had a situation with an employee who was anxious to point out that Clive was being unsafe. The scenario in question was him climbing out of the shopping cart, which he’s done a ton of times and I was aware and watching him. I may have […]

Just a Little Birthday Wish Listing

Just a Little Birth Wish Listing

Most of my online perusing and fun purchases are for other people…tiny people…AKA my children. I can’t resist tiny adorable things, so much of my extra purchases tend to be for my kids and not myself. I hadn’t really thought about it until someone recently asked me if there was anything I wanted for my […]

The Big Question: Should I Have a Third Baby?

The Big Question: Should I Have a Third Baby?

For as long as I can remember, I knew I only wanted two kids. Honestly I thought one kid was more than I could handle, but because my husband dreamed of a bigger family I was willing to compromise at two. But then, I had a change of heart (one that surprised many people…myself included) and […]

From Eyesore to Design Game-Changer

From Eyesore to Design Game-Changer // via The Little Things We Do

One of my favorite things about our home is the fact that it has so much lovely, natural light. The living room especially. Windows for days! The pitfall to all those windows though, is that we are severely lacking in the wall space department. For ages, I’ve had visions of perfectly Pinterest-esque gallery walls dancing […]

My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

In my pre-mama days, I used to be a wardrobe stylist. Technically I still am, but with the craziness that is life with three littles, styling gigs are few and far between, and dressing my kids is really the only wardrobe styling I have time for anymore. Hopefully, when they’re a bit bigger, I’ll get to […]

Salads That Don’t Taste Like Sadness

Salads That Don't Taste Like Sadness // via The Little Things We Do

I don’t know what things are like at your house, but at mine, meal times are a real *insert poop emoji* show. This basically means that three times a day (and that’s not including the 3,752 snacks they ask for during the day), I am a transformed into a crazy person, rushing around the kitchen […]