Meet Nanea + a GIVEAWAY!

We are big American Girl fans around here. Fern got her first Bitty Baby when she was two and we were on a trip to L.A. with my mom and made an impromptu stop at The Grove. Her face lit up immediately upon seeing the babies, and her Grandma just couldn’t resist. Fern has been an AG girl ever since.

Over the years dolls have been at the top of her wish list for every birthday and Christmas so she was beyond thrilled last year when Washington Square Mall here in Oregon had a pop-up American Girl store over the holiday season. The timing worked out perfectly with her birthday and she got to take her TrulyMe doll in for a fun beauty day to have her curly hair brought back to life. It was basically her Fern’s personal version of heaven. Any time we were at the mall (or even just near the mall), she would ask it we could stop by the pop-up shop to visit the dolls, so she was really sad when the store left post-holidays. The good news though, is that the AG pop-up store is back again (through January 28th of next year) and this time it’s even bigger and better!

We were invited to come enjoy the grand opening and there’s no way I could say no to it, knowing how thrilled Fern would be. We also got a chance to get to know the newest doll in the American Girl BeForever series. Say “Aloha!” to Nanea Mitchell.

Nanea is a Hawaiian girl who is growing up on the island of Oahu in 1941. Her story gives us a peek into what life was like before and in the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entering World War 2. In her story, Nanea’s mantra is:

“I’ll give my help and heart during wartime. I take care of my friends and neighbors—that’s the aloha spirit. It’s extra important since that terrible Sunday at Pearl Harbor. The bombs left a puka, a hole—and every kind act helps fill our hearts again.”

While Fern is still a bit young for the book, I am looking forward to reading and discussing it with her when the time comes. For now though, she was gifted a Nanea doll as part of our visit and it has quickly become her most favorite.

Our new American Girl store has generously gifted us an additional Nanea doll to share with our readers, so I hope you’ll go enter the giveaway over on my Instagram page. Good luck!



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