Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry: Making Laundry Suck a Whole Lot Less

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If there was one thing I never really gave much consideration to before becoming a parent, it was laundry. Before having kids I only did laundry once every couple of weeks. I had enough clothes in my closet to stretch my time between washings and many things could actually be worn more than once because I didn’t have tiny people around to smear their peanut butter and jelly fingers all over my freshly washed jeans. Ahhh, those were the days.

The addition of more humans into our home meant more messes and subsequently more laundry. SO MUCH MORE LAUNDRY. In our family of five, there is inevitably always some type of laundry situation happening. My husband is an auto technician and plays intramural flag football, so he is always bringing home motor oil and mud. My one-year-old has a penchant for finding the messiest activity on any given playground and making a beeline for it. My oldest daughter has a special talent for spilling whatever liquid she is drinking at meal time (she once spilled the same cup of milk three times in a five minute span). My son… well, let’s just say working on potty training is quite the laundry situation on its own.

From muddy pants to coffee spills on the kitchen rug, laundry is pretty much the one constant in our lives and up until recently, I had resigned myself to this drudgery for the next 18 years (i.e. when our kids move out). Then the Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry duo came into our lives and it was basically love at first sight.

The Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry is everything I never knew I needed in a washer/dryer. Here are the things I love about it:

1. HUGE capacity.

The bottom washer on the FlexWash has the largest capacity in it’s class (5 cubic feet!), so I can do larger loads less often (yes, there’s a bottom washer and a top washer… more on this later!). I was seriously blown away by how much I could fit in there at once! Laundry still isn’t my favorite task, but this makes it so much better since I don’t have to do a load EVERY SINGLE DAY anymore.

2. It lets me keep my nice things nice.

The top washer on the FlexWash is so great for separating more delicate items from all the super dirty kid things. Glory hallelujah, we can have nice things again! In the past if I had only one or two more delicate things I needed washed for myself, I would just put them in a laundry bag, toss them in with the rest of the stuff I had to wash, say a prayer and hope for the best. As you can imagine this didn’t work out very often. Now I can just do a smaller separate load of more delicate items in the top washer!

3. It comes in clutch and saves the day on the regular.

I can’t even tell you how often we have unfortunate laundry disasters around here. Example A: The other day when I got dressed too early for an evening out and my littlest sneezed jelly all over my sweater. In the past I would’ve had to just find another one to wear, but this time I was able to give it a quick solo wash in the top washer and dry it on the sweater setting in the top dryer of the FlexDry and still wear it out to dinner that night! Pure magic I tell you!

4. Makes it easier to wash unexpected items

With three kids, our life it filled with plenty of unexpected moments and our FlexWash + FlexDry tackles it all like the pro that it is. That delicate tulle skirt that my daughter just had to wear our muddy hike? A little delicate cycle in the FlexWash top washer and it’s no problem! That couch pillow that fell victim to an unfortunate potty accident? FlexWash sanitizing steam cycle has us covered. Drying teeny, tiny doll clothes with delicate little buttons and snaps that were left out on the trampoline in the rain overnight? FlexDry has our back.

5. It understands the struggle that is mom brain.

Probably the coolest feature of the Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry is the fact that it is IoT enabled and allows me to monitor my laundry cycles from my an app on my phone. Remembering to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer is such a struggle when I’m trying to get tiny people out the door or get dinner started or diffuse the latest tantrum. I may or may not have left wet clothes in the washing machine for as long as three days before remembering them… it can’t be confirmed, but I’m just saying it’s a “possibility.” With our new FlexWash + FlexDry, I can receive alerts when a wash cycle is complete… mom brain crisis averted! Now keeping all our clothes “so fresh and so clean clean” is a breeze! Although, if I do happen to leave my clothes in the dryer for a wee bit too long, a quick go in the FlexDry steam dry cycle gets all those wrinkles out in a flash…which is a really good thing since I don’t own an iron. My son saw an ironing board at my parents house the other day and had no clue what it was – ha! I’m not sure if that means I’m winning or losing at parenting.

Basically what I’m saying is that although I may never count laundry among my most favorite tasks in life, I am enjoying it a whole lot more with the Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry in my life. It’s been super great at tackling the unexpected in our family and letting us just enjoy all of life’s little moments without worrying quite so much about the messes they create.

Here’s to more living and less laundry stress.



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