lovely little things.

Here are some lovely little things  for your day…. this pretty book spotted on Design Shimmer vintage matchbooks on A Collection A Day the pretty travel-esque styling in the January Anthropologie catalog my favorite new fashion blogger Jentine this fabulous shoot by You + Me Styling (photos by Kay English) this IKEA hack Martha Stewart […]

birthday fun.

My birthday was last Thursday and it was fun. Here’s what I did…. Woke up to: -a sweet note -pretty flowers -AND a mocha from the hubs Then I went to the DMV,  because I’m old and needed to renew my license. Depressing. BUT….looking on the bright side it was the quickest DMV trip EVER […]

what i’ve been up to.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…. FRIDAY Dinner here with my in-laws My brother-in-law Cory  bought this giant growler Isn’t he good looking? …And he’s single! I told him if he doesn’t find a girl soon I’m going to do a giveaway and he’s going to be the prize, so be on the lookout for […]