My Birth Story: The Birth of Alice Rosalie

My Birth Story: The Birth of Alice Rosalie // via The Little Things We Do

The birth story of our third child little Miss Alice could not have been more different than the birth stories of her big sister and brother. Even though she’s pretty new around here, she is already showing us that she is going to be a girl who blazes her own trail and does things her […]

Birth Story Diaries: Meet Poppy Grey

I love birth stories. When I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of them. They were hugely encouraging to me as I prepared myself for a natural birth and I feel like they played a big role in my success. Reading about a variety of births – some short and some lasting days, some with […]

happy birthday to fern and happy birth day to me.

Today my sweet Fern Winter is one year old.  {Photo from her birthday brunch over the weekend – see more photos over at Babble and DIY party details at Disney Baby} I can hardly believe it’s been an entire year since this little giver of joy came into our lives and gave us so many […]

My Birth Story: The Birth of Fern Winter

Before I blog Fern’s birth story, I wanted to include a disclaimer:I had an all-natural birth and I thought it was awesome.  BUT…I know that a lot of people (for one reason or another) do not choose the route that I took and I want to say that I completely respect that and I don’t judge. […]