sunshine and a good book.

When I was pregnant with Fern, I read to her approximately 20 times a day…. because as a preschool teacher I was always reading to my students.  Perhaps it was all that reading in utero, but whatever the case, she seems to really enjoy reading books together. My brother-in-law is convinced she’s going to grow […]

i’m such a teacher.

I am such a teacher. And my Halloween costume just proved it. Do any of you remember the story “Miss Nelson is Missing”? Well, my kids kind of love it.   It’s about this sweet teacher Miss Nelson who has  class that is less than well-behaved.  One day they show up to school and Miss […]

my favorite thing about today #59.

My favorite thing about today was…. That my mom bought me a children’s book. Just because. (She works at a public elementary school, so she’s got a thing for kid’s books too.) I loved Charlotte’s Web when I was a kid – and actually all E.B. White children’s books, so it was a sweet and […]

cutest kids book ever.

I’m kind of a sucker for kids books. (I am a preschool teacher after all.) ….and this book is maybe the cutest kids book ever. I read it when I was babysitting once and made a mental note that I wanted to add it to my children’s book collection one day, and then I saw […]

dim sum for everyone.

We have this book at my work called: Dim Sum For Everyone. Ever since reading it I’ve wanted to have dim sum.  If only for the hum bao.  Sweet pork buns?  Sounds like heaven to me.  Craig and I tried to have dim sum when we were in China Town in San Francisco last September, […]