i almost peed my pants.

OK…I’m blogging a lot tonight, but I keep having things to say, so….I guess that’s that.

I found this on Chloe’s blog, so I blame her for the fact that I almost peed my pants laughing while making/watching this. First check out her blog because she’s seriously hillarious. Then, go make your own video. Let me know if you pee your pants.

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  1. hahaha i totally almost peed my pants! i love that you used your dog!! hahaha that is so awesome. and i love your costume in the post below, that is so cool!

  2. oh my Lauren I never knew until now about your blogging now I am going to waste lots of time reading blogs again, I spent a lot of time this summer reading blogs and was trying to break the habit but it is just to fun! You are so cute, the perfect person to do a blog!

  3. okay, i finally had enough time to read all the posts you wrote from before i discovered your blog… and i come across this… i was DYING! you are too cute!

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