my baby is growing up….

My baby is growing up.

(Today she turns two years old!)

And it makes me feel nostalgic.

Nostalgic Lauren = LOTS of photos.

Happy Birthday Marley Dog!
We love you Mar, Marmaduke, Duke, Dooker, Dig…and all your other silly nicknames!  You’ll always be our first baby…even when we have non-fur babies one day.  Promise.


P.S.  Here are photos of the birthday girl opening her pressies….


  1. Wow. This really makes me want a dog! Marley is super cute and seems like an amazing friend. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Marley Dog! I hope Marley liked her birthday presents.I am so glad that we share our birthday month together. Thanks for posting all of the cute Marley pictures, she sure was a cute puppy. She is still oh so cute. Our Marley is growing up. :)She’s the best girl dog ever!Oscar is the best boy dog ever.

  3. so cute! i especially love the shadow picture

  4. Aww squeeze her ears from me! What a freaking cutie! Happy birthday!!!

    I gave my Charlie girl song Kong Tennis Balls too! But hers were definitely smaller cuz her tiny mouth could hardly pick them up at one point! 😀

  5. Happy Birthday, Marley!! What a beautiful dog.

  6. oouuwww Happy Birthday Marley 🙂
    my mom love this dog

  7. Happy birthday Marley. Hope she had a blast… she sure looks like she did.

    Have a great day Lauren! xoxo

  8. Lauren, Marley is an absolutely beautiful dog. I’m so jealous! I have a border collie X with something… We’re not sure. His name is Wes and he is just adorable. I hope you had a lovely Marley birthday.

  9. oh, i love the shadow pics. awesome. Happy birthday to Marley Dog too.

  10. Oh happy birthday to your Marley. What a beautiful dog she is.

  11. i love her as a snow dog!! cute pictures.

  12. happy birthday Marley 🙂
    from Betty Bake

  13. Aw aha, so so cute!

  14. beautiful. your sweet puppy dog is soooo adorable. <3

    follow please!


  15. my husband wants a marley dog (ie german shepherd) so badly he could DIE, i think. obviously you love her – do you love that breed in general? was she easy to train, and is she well-behaved? is she good in social situations?

    sorry for all the questions, i’ve just never been around a german shepherd much before.

  16. oooh my, he is AMAZING!!!

  17. Aw what a total cutie! I can’t ever get enough of sweet dogs!

  18. oh my gosh, those are the cutest pics!!! Love your dog! 🙂

  19. Yay! Happy birthday Marley! I love that photo of him carrying her down the street…. My boyfriend wishes he could carry our dog like that all the time! I love it 😀

  20. Happy Bday Marley! she is so lovely!!!

  21. awww!!! today’s my MISTER’S birfday too!!! happy birfday sweet marley!!! what a CUTE puppy!!! are you still thinking of getting another? when does that happen?

    happy birfday again to your sweet baby!!!

  22. Aww I love these pictures! Happy Birthday Marley! You can just see her personality in all those shots, they are great! I love that you get your baby presents, I totally do that too! hehe 🙂


  23. Oh my goodness, she’s such a good dog! Wonderful job raising her and loving her. She’s one lucky pup!

  24. Marley is absolutely GORGOEOUS!! She has terrific parents!!

  25. awwww! i love marley! i feel like i know her and i seriously do love her! i loved seeing all these pictures of her! especially from when she was just a puppy! so cute!! seriously, i am sending this link to sean asap. he needs to see that we absolutely HAVE to get a dog asap. so cute. Happy Birthday Marley!! i hope you have a great day Lauren! you are such a great mama to Marley 🙂

  26. Happy Birthday to Marley! Gosh, she is such a gorgeous dog. If only I were allowed to have one! I love that you got her presents, too cute.

    P.S. Did Craig get a tattoo wedding band!? That is sooooo cool!! !!

  27. do yall have tattoos as wedding rings?
    so cute!!!!
    love you!!

  28. I love that last picture (before the P.S.) of you and Marley when she was a baby. Super adorable. Happy Birthday to Marley. 🙂

  29. Happy birthday Marley =)!
    What a cute dog. Now I want one, too 🙂

  30. Marley is adorable!! Happy birthday to your fur-baby! I love the picture of her staring at the cookies with her tongue out. 🙂

  31. aww, yay!
    happy birthday marley!

  32. I love this. Marley is adorable! My fav is the sunglasses picture 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  33. AWW!! I love this post!! Marley is absolutely adorable!! Happy Birthday Marley!! =)


  34. Ahhhh! Marley is so adorable! I especially love the picture of Craig carrying her – she looks so confused, and a little worried!

  35. Quite possibly the cutest pictures I have seen in a long time!! I want a pup so bad… Happy Birthday Marley! XO

  36. Awwww…. so cute! When I first saw this I was like – woah, I didn’t know she had a kid. Then I realized that it’s better than a kid, it’s a dog! (I kid, I kid!).
    Happy Birthday Marley!

  37. Bah! SO cute. I can’t wait to have an adorable big dog like that, hopefully someday soon.

  38. OHHH my gosh HOW CUTE!!! Marley is adorable!! Looks like she had a pretty amazing birthday! My favorite photo is the shot at the beach with the 3 of your shadows.. SO SWEET! Greg & I feel the same way about our 2 dogs.. they’ll always be our first babies! hehe 🙂

  39. I’m so glad to find another couple who think of their pet as a child! Happy Birthday Marley.

  40. So sweet. My son wants a dog, he has since he could speak. I really want him to have one , one day. There is nothing like having a dog, a family member, a loyal love. You three make a great family.

  41. Oh man…could she be any cuter?! Happy Birthday Marley!!!

  42. Cute

  43. omg this is absolutely adorable! you make me want a doggy!! lol
    Marly is sooo cute!!
    and I ilove the fact you put clothes and give birthday gifts!! cutest baby! 🙂

  44. HA I LOVE THIS!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your baby!!!! the most photogenic dog if ever there was one!

    i LOVE the shadow family pic.

    so cuteeee!

  45. aw marley is SO cute! i’m in love witht he photo of him in sun glasses 🙂

  46. She’s a super cutie!!!!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to the big girl!!! 😀

  47. Awh, Happy Birthday Marley!

  48. aw how sweet! happy bday to Marley! And tattoo wedding rings? so cool!

  49. What a beautiful dog!

  50. Ahhh Marley is sooo cute! And she is super lucky to have such wonderful parents!
    PS Edie & Layla wish her a happy birthday too 🙂
    PPS I’ve been meaning to tell you that I think you should do the gift exchange, I didn’t get my knick knack exchange gift until 2 wks after the deadline and I LOVE it!

  51. Happy Birthday to Marley ..and these are some wonderful pics ..makes me wanna own a doggie soo bad ..i hope someday !!

  52. Such a cute doggie! I regret so much never taking pictures of my Tigger when he was a kitten. 🙁 They grow up so fast!

  53. Happy Birthday you gorgeous Cutie!!

  54. awww, that reminds me that our little baby is going to turn 2 in just 2 months!! how quickly they grow…

  55. Yay!!! Happy Birthday to Marley! Sooo many super sweet and adorable photos!

    p.s. I think Sabin and Marley should meet and become best friends, because seriously–they would be adorable together!

  56. awww I want a dog SO bad… &this did NOT help! haha

  57. How adorable!!! I love the shadow pick of you three 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  58. oh my goodness, what a cute puppy! she was so teeny! i love the picture with the stuffed animal in the grass!

  59. aw PUPPY!!!!! so cute!

    my favorite pics: in the bball shirt, eating the snow covered toy, sunnies on the boat, and the shadow photo 🙂 so cute. yay!

  60. Happy Birthday Marley!!! I felt the same way when my fur baby turned that age. Now she’s seven. really…where does the time go? Marley is so photogenic!

  61. I <3 your blog girl and i jst tagged you for an award drop in and check it out ...

  62. OH MY GOSH! THESE ARE SOOOO CUUTE! soo soo cuute! look at those floppy puppy ears.. just to die for! happy birthday pup!! 🙂

  63. aw i LOVE all these photos!! so cute! makes me want a dog so bad!

  64. Such a darling girl! Great pics.

  65. what great pics lauren
    i love the one of craig holding marley – she looks so big in his arms! adorable.
    happy birthday to your baby!
    xo. thanks.
    xo. thanks.

  66. This makes me want a big amazing cuddly dog so much! Can I steal her for a weekend?

  67. Awww, my kittens just turned a year old this month. But at 16 pounds and 11 pounds, I guess I can’t call them kittens!

  68. What a beautiful dog!! Happy birthday! (Belatedly!)

  69. cute photos! Happy birthday, pup!

  70. Awww, I only just discovered this post and just wanted to say “awww”. Its funny cos we have an Alsation too, who’s birthday was on the 23rd March, but he is still an puppy (just a year old)!
    Hope you’s are all well =)

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