what i did on my summer vacation: part 3.

Today’s stop on our roadtrip is….
The Grand Canyon.
I’ve wanted to go there ever since I was little, so this was the most anticipated stop of our journey.  We woke up that morning and it was pouring down rain.  As in….flash flood kind of rain.  I may or may not have cried and there may or may not have been subsequent pouting.  I promptly made Craig rush to Target to buy some rainboots, only to have the rain let up and give way to a beautifully sunny day.  I wasn’t complaining.

This was the best coffee we had on the entire trip.  
If you are near the Grand Canyon you MUST stop here.
We stopped to watch the IMAX movie about the Grand Canyon before actually seeing the real thing.  I suppose you could say it was to psych ourselves up for it :).
Now we’re on our way to the real thing….
We’re real excited.  Can you tell?
My first view of the canyon was a little disappointing.
It was still pretty, but looked just like photos I’d seen.
Little did I know that this wasn’t the best view….
at least in my opinion….

But then we walked a little further…..

….saw some deer on the way….

….and then realized there was a tour bus
to check out various points along the way.

We probably should’ve known this but, we didn’t do any research ahead of time.  We were kinda flying by the seat of our pants on this trip…buying a car without having one lined up, staying at random motels, stopping when we felt like it and checking out tourist attractions as we happened to stumble upon them.  This is probably whywe didn’t do the Skywalk.  I’m super sad about it.  I didn’t even know it existed.  Lame.  Maybe when we have kids one day we’ll take them there and actually get to check it out.

After hopping on the tour bus we were able to see some of the other view points and these subsequent views wiped away any disappointments I’d had upon viewing the first point.  The Grand Canyon is beyond words.  Incredibly vast and leaving me no doubt that there was a creator who had a hand in all of this.  It made me wonder how many people go to the Grand Canyon without faith and leave having found it.



The views got even more impressive at the points along the trail where there was no railing at all.  It was super sketchy and I was freaking out, but it was exhilarating as well.





Craig throwing a rock off the canyon.
Probably not the best idea,but there was no one below.

We ♥ The Grand Canyon!

and this was Craig’s favorite photo of the Grand Canyon.
Of course it was.

Sorry for the photo overload, but like I said….this is more for Craig and I to remember things about our trip than it is for everyone else….thanks for obliging me.  Also, you should know that The Grand Canyon is far more grand than my photos can possibly tell.  It doesn’t even come close to capturing the true beauty of the canyon.  If you’ve never seen it, start planning your trip!
P.S.  Next stop…L.A. (tomorrow!)


  1. I’m really anoying this posts about your holidays 🙂

  2. Never apologize for your photos.
    These are so cool!
    And…Lauren, you literally had my hands sweating a little just looking at how high-up you are and how crazy, with your feet over the edge like that.
    Young people! You all just think you’re invincible 😉

  3. Wow – these pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and I feel exhilarated just looking at them. I especially love the photo of you and Craig standing right at the edge with your arms spread.

  4. These pictures are amazing!!! I really like the ones of you guys sitting where there is no railing!!
    I remember going to the Grand Canyon with my family at 14, it was one of the best trips we ever took!


  5. What awsome pictures! Coffee is a must, and I LOVE your TOMS! 🙂

  6. great pictures! what a fun time!
    i went with my parents when i was in the ninth grade, but wasn’t too impressed due to my adolescent attitude haha. now i wish i could go back and just soak it all in, and maybe go hiking. i just now i’d love it now!

  7. What a GREAT idea for a summer vacation! Please continue with the picture overload. I can’t wait for the LA post. I live 1.5 hours south of LA… well w/o the traffic…

  8. I came to your blog through…somewhere I can’t remember now…and I just wanted to say your pictures are great and you seem so sweet!

    What prompted me to comment today, though, was Late for the Train. I worked at a hospital in Flagstaff for awhile and that place is AWESOME! I’d totally forgotten about it until reading this today. 🙂

  9. Wow!! Lauren these photos are awesome!! I am a bit scared of heights and got a little scared looking at these. Sending you hugs and I am so excited for you and your internship. Maybe you can style some of my food shoots. 🙂 XO mucho mucho mucho!!

  10. I would have been freaking out getting that close to the edge. I’m such a chicken.

  11. Your pictures are beautiful! Don’t be too disappointed about the Sky Walk…looks like you got a pretty amazing view where you were!

  12. Oh so beautiful!
    I had the same first impression of the canyon. But I just blamed it on me growing up here in Arizona. I mean, I live in the land of canyons…they’re everywhere here….but, I left with such awe and amazement. It really is something, it’s so vast and stunning. And, yes, once you get to the edges without any human influence (i.e. guardrails) it all becomes real. Imagine finding that thing way back when!?!?!?! Glad you loved it! I think everyone should experience it once in their life 🙂

  13. the photos of your feet on the edge are beautiful! and the ones of Craig on the cliff are good photos too… it makes my fear of heights act up just looking at pics of the grand canyon. i’ve been when i was younger and i want to go back so badly! i dunno if i could handle the skywalk though… but i’d try 🙂

  14. beautiful!

  15. i love the photo of you and craig right near the edge. can’t wait to see the l.a. stop 🙂 of course, i am biased about l.a. 🙂

  16. Good thing that you mention about the grand canyon bus tours. I think you will save a lot and enjoy more if you paid in these bus tours instead of going there on your own.

  17. Oh man, the tram. My trip to the Grand Canyon involved the tram. And the tram being struck by lightning. And snow. And so much fog that I couldn’t even see the canyon.

    Needless to say, your trip looks way better than mine!

  18. I think the amount of pictures is fantastic. I always think I post too many pictures in one post, but when other people do it I don’t think so. Loved it, I want to go there so bad.

  19. Wow these photos are amazing! I didn’t realise that you were a preschool teacher! I teach year 1/2. They’re lots of fun

  20. I’ve been the Grand Canyon for a very brief amount of time. I’d love to go back, with Matt, and for a longer period of time and really see the sites. Your road trip looked like a blast!

  21. You and Craig are so crazy for standing and posing so close to the edge. I am scared of heights so there is no way that I would ever get that close to the edge. But your bravery made for some awesome photos.

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