my favorite thing about today #51.

My favorite thing 
about today was….

an outfit for a rainy Portland day.

But really and quite honestly, I will probably be planning many an outfit around my new and beloved Hunter wellies.  Usually we don’t wear shoes in the house, but I kept them on all day.  Craig asked me if I was going to change my shoes when we went out, but I told him I was never going to change my shoes.  I said I was going to wear my boots all day every day – even to bed because I love them that much!  His response was:

“What are you?  6?  
You’re totally 6 years old right now.”

Yes.  Yes I am 6.  So what if there’s a 2 in front of that 6!  I love my rain boots and they make me want to jump in a puddle like a giddy child.  I think you have to take joy in the little things in life or else, what’s the point?

Dress:  Tucker for Target  
Scarf:  H&M
Cardigan:  Thrifted.  
Belt:  F21
Tights & Socks:  Fred Meyer. 
Wellies:  Hunter
Lipstick:  MAC Impassioned layered over Russian Red

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Oh…and make sure to check back tomorrow, 
cause I’ve got a video up my sleeve.
  (Hint:  It’s mine & Craig’s 3 year anniversary!)



  1. You look adorable. That dress is perfect (I got a gorgeous shirt from Tucker for Target!), your wellies are precious, and the red lips make the whole thing extra amazing. 🙂

  2. Lauren I LOVE this outfit!
    So beautiful. The boots really are awesome – if I was wearing them here in Queensland, I think I would be sweating like CRAZY right now. But we’ve definitely had the rain for them! Oh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  3. Cute outfit and I love your Hunter!!

  4. LOVE wellies and dresss’s!! being british I prob have a lot more opportunity to wear them haha! You look very cute 🙂

  5. you look so cute! your outfit is amazing i’m in love with that dress!

  6. love the boots!

  7. You look adorable. Such a good combo you’ve put together 🙂

  8. love love love this outfit! didn’t know rainboots could look this adorable with an outfit…i’m officially inspired!

  9. You are so chic!!!!!!
    I have that Tucker dress and I think you look so beautiful in it!!!!!
    You and those boots!!! Well… As they look so cute and I love the way you pair them with the most beautiful outfits, I have no objections to you wearing them 24/7!!! :]
    Happy holidays friend!!! Stay warm! {and dry!!}

  10. Love the outfit, you look lovely!
    Have a great day.

  11. LOVE your outfit, you look adorable, and the red lips are a perfect addition.

  12. Your outfit makes me happy. You’re adorable.

  13. That outfit is SO cute, you look adorable!

  14. Super cute! I’d totally have those boots if I lived in a rainy area too. I dress most of my outfits around shoes!!

  15. Hooraaay for Hunter boots 🙂 Simply the best, right? I love the socks you have underneath too! So cute.

    PS Saw your tweet–hang in there with your friends… Disappointment’s tough and it just happened to me too so I understand!

  16. love love love your outfit! especially your dress!

  17. Great outfit! Love the red cardigan! (and the boots of course!)

  18. When shoes are that cute then how can you avoid being 6 for the day!?! (And, I often plan my outfit around shoes that will work in Portland’s rainy day weather!)

  19. You are just TOO CUTE!!! XO

  20. Ha! You sound exactly like me! I got my Hunter boots back in September, and ever since then, I’ve been positively giddy whenever it rains, because that means I can wear them! They’re my favorite shoes in the world.

  21. Cute outfit! I like how you made those boots work!

  22. Your outfit is ADORABLE! Those Hunter wellies are perfect for rainy Portland. Also what color lipstick is that? I’ve been trying to find a nice shade.

  23. sooooo super cute!!!

  24. You are ridiculously cute and so are kids who live in their rain boots…it’s a win-win really. I am most definitely wearing mine today as we are walking around downtown! I bet you got your socks and tights at the FM sock sale right? Cute stuff and YES can we please hang out soon? Becca needs some Lauren in her life too! Are you going to Crafty Wonderland this weekend?

  25. Please dress me. Or send a Christmas List of things I should want to my husband so I can be cute, too!

  26. Yay! I love your fun wellie outfit and red lipstick choice. Thanks for sharing!

    “Sometimes, if you wear two lipstick colors, it can be even cuter.” – Kelly from The Office.

  27. I love love love this outfit! Everything about it is adorable. I love the dress & the lipstick and I am still SO JEALOUS you have Hunters! I’d totally wear them to bed too!!!

  28. I completely get it. I love my Hunter’s so much that I leave them on prominent display in my closet so I can just see them when I can’t wear them. You are not insane.

  29. You are so pretty and that outfit is too cute!

  30. I love everything about that outfit, so cute. Especially the red sweater 🙂 So cute Lauren!

  31. i love everything about this outfit. i mean EVERYTHING! you look so cute!

    when we had the snake in the house, i wore my cowboy boots around for about three weeks, and the only time i took them off was after i’d gotten in bed. so, i kind of know how it is to want to keep your boots on, but more because of fear than excitement 😉

    i love my target leather boots so much than i plan outfits around them and wear them about 98% of the time. new boots are so fun!

    love you, lady! let’s plan an ichat sometime.

  32. I love your outfit! It is so cute. I want everything you’re wearing!

  33. I love the scarf!
    🙂 I am now a follower 🙂

  34. cute cute cute! i luv it all!

  35. You have amazing style lady!! SO CUTE! I love everything about this outfit. So, I will be emailing you and calling you when I am back from Michigan much to chat about and get started. So glad you are game!!!! Sending you hugs and love!!!! XO! Oh and I am going to miss your anniversary post as I won’t have a computer so an early congrats!!!! <3

  36. I would be 6 too! So jealous of those fun boots.

  37. and I love your funfetti socks!

  38. adorable outfit!!

  39. Love the layered look that you’re rockin’. Rain boots make all of us feel like kids 🙂

  40. Mac = awesome, so your lips look awesome. This outfit is adorable. I want a red cardigan so much!

  41. I love the outfit. I love the Wellies, the leg warmers, the scarf and especially the red lipstick! It’s put together so well and you look so cute with your poses.

    What lipstick do you use?

  42. DUDE!!! I was laughing so hard and had to show the hubby that I am not the only one, we are like twin’s or something?!
    I love your Hunter’s! I love the sock’s too, and the dress, well everything!
    Go check out my latest post….

  43. i’ve been dreaming about hunter wellies for ages too! they look so cute on you, especially with your awesome cowl scarf!

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