best. burger. ever.

This weekend I had the best burger.  

I know this is a big statement, but it’s true.  
Said burger was from Lucy’s Original food cart
(located on Missisippi Ave. – for now…).  

….and the burger in question was
 the Jucy Lucy.  

A burger comprised of all-natural beef, stuffed (and this is the key) with American cheese, homemade 1000 island dressing, zucchini pickles, bacon and a toasted potato bun.  All of this = heaven in my mouth.

Let me just say….I am not terribly fond of 1000 island, pickles OR American cheese, but somehow (perhaps through the genius of a stuffed burger) when all of these ingredients are combined they make pure culinary magic.

The owners of this cart are husband and wife team Evan Dohrmann and Ali Jepson (who you may also know from the no-longer existent Little Red Bike Cafe) and they are not only absolutely adorable, but incredibly talented.  See….isn’t Ali the cutest?

Evan cooks the burgers and grinds the all-natural beef himself, while Ali (also the purveyor of Little Branch Jam) whips up the incredible pickles and sauces and they both collaborate on brunch.  I am dying to try the Messenger Burger next time I go.  Blue cheese, bacon, arugula and apple butter courtesy of Little Branch….I’m salivating already.
I know that not everyone who reads this post will be a Portlander and for those of you (and for Portlanders as well), I suggest checking out Ali’s food/lifestyle blog Footbridge to the Feast for delicious recipes and updates about Lucy’s Original and Little Branch Jam and make sure to follow them on Twitter!

I know that I’m not exactly a food blogger, but I just had to gush about Lucy’s because I’m absolutely smitten.  If you’d like to read more about my adventure to Lucy (complete with way better photos than my iPhone was able to capture) from a real food blogger, then head on over to the lovely Caroline’s blog: Coeur de La, because she’s posting about our Lucy’s experience today as well!

I heart Lucy’s Original!



  1. Ahhhhh that burger looks SO good! I am literally drooling!
    Amy x

  2. Your foodie advernture around Portland looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to visit Portland one day ! xxxxxx

  3. OMG. please send one of these to me! i don’t have any food trucks out by my work and i feel like i am jipped!

  4. Whoa that looks awesome. I would definitely try the blue cheese and apple butter one if I lived near.

  5. I’m so jealous! I have to admit I only want one because of MF Doom but still. That looks amazing 🙂

  6. aww what a sweet post girl 🙂 I love come across new things in area’s! My boyfriend lives in a really small town in Iowa and they honestly have the best burgers considering I live in a huge town and I feel like nothing is ‘original’ The family that makes the burgers are a husband and wife as well and serve it out of a little food stand like your picture! xo love this post! xo

  7. sounds like a gourmet big mac? but probably a whole lot tastier and healthier.

    looks yummy!

    xo monica

  8. I am salivating now. If I ever make it to Portland, I am definitely hunting down Lucy’s and trying that burger! It looks delicious, as does the Messenger Burger! Ah!

    Bookmarking this post in my travel folder. 🙂

  9. sweet! i’ll have to check it out!

    hooray for other portland bloggers!

  10. I friggin’ love beef.

    I’ve been wanting to say that all week and I finally found the perfect opportunity.

    Thanks friend.

  11. Ummm YUM!!!!! Wow.

  12. Yum! Next time I’m in Portland, I’m taking the bf here… It looks delicious!

  13. oh. my. gosh. I’m so excited for Sunday now…I am so getting the Jucy Lucy. I feel like I can taste it in my mouth right now…mmm! Too bad Chris is going to miss it 🙁 Umm and you did not tell me that you tried a hot chocolate float…I kind of need one. Maybe I will try to make one right now. Yes it’s only 9am but I ran 3 miles at 6am so that would be okay right? Right. I’m sure it won’t compare to RJ but whatev. (yes I just abbreviated a word). Who am I?!

  14. PS: I didn’t know LRBC closed! It was right by our house in nopo and was the cutest little place. It looks like they’ve found their calling though 🙂

  15. I’m salivating right now too! Yum! Think she’ll bring her food cart to Florida??? =)

  16. That looks delicious! I wish I was in Portland!

  17. Delicious! I just watched a show on Food Network about the origins of the Jucy Lucy original-style burger! Two restaurants in Minneapolis fight over who came up with it:-) I so need to try one! xoxo

  18. i <3 that you guys hang out!

    aren’t trucks like that the best? i have to laugh because my parents sent me a pic of them ordering tacos from “the taco truck” and our last name is Lechuga, which in spanish means lettuce LOL so they took a pic of our last name.

    my crazy adorable parents xo

  19. Burgers are the new cupcakes!

  20. that sounds AMAZING!

  21. ok i really really need a burger now!

  22. i don’t eat meat, but if i did, i would totally track down this burger.

  23. Mmmmm it LOOKS amazing!

  24. That sounds amazing! Are they always on Mississippi or do they travel around? I can’t ever get the husband to drive all the way to North Portland for food.

  25. oh I love a goof burger. almost as much as I love pancakes. yummo!
    Pepper x

  26. looks amazing and now i want a freaking burger! yum.

  27. Oh my goodness. I need to be in Portland right now.

  28. This sounds delicious and I don’t even eat hamburger! There is a food cart here in town that’s supposed to be really good that I’m dying to try.

  29. ohmygod. i want a burger (preferably that one!) RIGHT.NOW.

  30. I’m from MN where the Jucy Lucy (points for the correct spelling!) originated, so I’m LOVING this and dying to try it out. I’ve never had one with the 1000 Island dressing on it, but the pickles are key 🙂 I’m new to Portland, and have loved exploring the food carts – my favorite so far has been the crepe place at Cartopia. Next up? THIS ONE. Thanks!

  31. Looks so amazing!


  32. wow. that burger sounds AMAZING!!

  33. Oh my goodness, this looks so delicious.

  34. Yum! I had a great burger from Fat Burger last weekend that instantly put me in a zombified burger zone, so I totally get it!

  35. I am on a perpetual hunt for the best burger, and these sound AMAZING! They’re not the same old burger with plain toppings. I’d love to try the Dylan Thomas….. mmm my mouth is watering!

  36. Just looking at the picture of the burger and hearing you describe it made me want to get in my care and drive ALL THE WAY there in one jaunt just to get one… and I’m in Kentucky! Now that’s some good advertising!

  37. hmmm.. yummy. love the blog, check out mine! muxh appreciated x

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