a few of my favorite things from the past week.

These are a few of my favorite things from the past week….
Going to my first Portland Timbers MLS game with Craig.
 Craig getting me pink lemonade during half time, even though he hates buying expensive concessions at sporting events.  It was hot and I was kind of uncomfortable in our bleacher seats with my growing baby bump, so he made an exception :).  Sorry about the high fructose corn syrup baby :(.

 This Love & Toast Sugar Grapefruit hand creme that Lisa introduced me to.  It makes your hands feel so soft and it smells incredible.  Headed to Ink & Peat soon to pick some up for myself.

The hottest Thai food I’ve ever had + dessert takeout + late night talking and laughing with friends.  Fancy dessert takeout is the best and so are friends that you can just be real with.  This was my chocolate banana cream pie that I only managed to eat half of – so good!
Having a hang out day with my dad that involved a motorcycle ride, ice cream, yard sales and playing dress up at the tool store (I was going for a “Dr Horrible” look, but my friend Danni said it looks more like I’m about to cook some meth – haha!)
Having a double belated birthday with Craig and our families at Papa Haydn and eating even more dessert.  This weekend was definitely one for indulging my sweet tooth double time.  No more dessert this week for me and baby!
What are a few of your favorite things from the past week?



  1. good morning! i’m sitting here reading your blog while i watch my 6 day old son swing in his swing. reading this reminds me of all the fun i had being pregnant, but man, having that child live and breathe in your home is absolutely amazing. yes, it is very hard, and i’ve seen my husband cry more this week than in our whole relationship, haha, but it is way more wonderful than hard. can’t wait for you to experience motherhood!!

  2. Mmm! Love all of the sugary sweetness in this post:-) xoxo

  3. Sounds like you’ve been having an amazing time!

  4. Sounds like you had fun! And I love Dr. Horrible, you do kinda look like him. =P

  5. those gloves- are auh-mazing!

  6. Definitely taking time to see the pictures of our summer.


  7. ha ha! love the Dr Horrible look!

  8. Cute! Looks like a really fun week. Love!


  9. Sounds like such a great week!!! Love days with my dad! xo!

  10. I’m so excited about your growing little bump. And happy to see that your man is making exceptions for this huge new change in your lives 🙂

  11. Definately all the delicious desserts I have indulged in this week as well!!! =)

  12. that last pic looks really good!


  13. Looks like you’re having a fantastic time. 😀 And I so need to find that hand creme.

  14. yum those desserts look SO good! Glad you had fun 🙂

  15. How was the Timbers game? We have been meaning to go to one, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

  16. that desert looks DELICIOUS

  17. I just did a post on Love&Toast! I just discovered their products this August! I bought their Strawberry Fields Lip Butter! I love it! I might buy the hand cream now!

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