my favorite thing about today #63.

My favorite thing about today was….

Wearing my new shoes.
They’re really cute, but even better than that…
they actually fit my swollen pregnant feet!
Seriously guys.
You have no idea the shoe drama that I’ve had to overcome this week.
Feel free to read about it over at Babble (here).
What was your favorite thing about today?



  1. Ohh yeah the swollen feet, though that was the only problem I had, though it was only for a week while we were on vacation in the Dominican Replublic, I guess the heat got to me… or at least to my feet, so I was pretty much wearing flip flops for a week, since I couldn’t fit into most of my shoes.

  2. Love your new shoes!

  3. My favorite thing about today is that I get to spend the whole evening with my husband!

  4. so cute, I want them!!

  5. Oh those are very cute!

  6. Those look so comfy!!!

  7. i love those they are super cute! Hmm my favorite thing about today is finishing another final and only having 2 left! And buying my NYE dress so exciting!

  8. the sun was my favorite thing about today.
    love those shoes. they look super comfy.

  9. I want those shoes! They really do look super comfy!

  10. Cuteness!!! I’d say my favorite thing about today was sleeping in, buying my wife some Christmas gifts and vice versa, dying my hair and now waiting for our pizza! <3

  11. those moccassins are the best shoes… ever. I am currently wearing mine (at work… I know. not that professional, but they are SO comfortable!) They also hold up SO WELL! I have had mine for four years and are still going strong!

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