diy headband for babies or grownups.

It’s really difficult to find cute headbands for babies.

Most of them have these monstrous flowers the size of your babies face and they’re just a bit too intense for my liking.  Even the simple headbands usually only come in rainbow colors – finding a neutral headband is like finding a twinkie during a zombie apocalypse (if you know what I’m talking about, then we should probably be friends).  It’s also difficult to find headbands that don’t squish soft little baby heads, so I’m all about making my own alternatives.

This headband kind of doesn’t even require a tutorial, it’s so simple, but I’m going to share it anyway.

Step 1:  Find an old cotton top.

Step 2:  Cut three long strips of the fabric.

Step 3:  Tie a knot to hold the fabric strips together.

Step 4:  Braid.
Step 5:  Tie on your baby’s cute head and cut the excess off.

This would make a cute adult headband too if you’re into it.

This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!


  1. This is great, I will have to do this. Thanks!

  2. Only because the world is filled with snowballs! 😉

  3. That’s such a cute idea and so easy! Thanks for sharing! Fern looks adorable in her new headband. 🙂

  4. Lol, love the Zombieland reference 🙂

  5. finding a twinkie during a zombie apocalypse?? i’d say your chances of finding sno caps are much better!!! 🙂 love this sweet little headband!

  6. So cute!

  7. Oh my goodness, WAY TOO ADORABLE! I love it so much. You’re a super smart momma. xoxo

  8. Cute! I’m totally not into the giant flower thing either.

  9. Very cute!!!!

  10. Zombieland! Oh, that movie is hilarious!
    Also, super cute idea. 🙂

  11. adorable. those headbands with the huge flowers drive me nuts.

  12. This is really cute and cool!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  13. Annalisa B says:

    that shirt was way too pretty to cut up! but I love the headband 🙂

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