fill in the blank friday and a stickygram winner.

Happy Friday!
Sorry these blanks are late! But it’s been a busy couple of days…better late than never though, right?
Oh…and before we get started, I wanted to announce the winner of the Stickygram giveaway! Drumroll please………..congrats entrant #23… Echo! And this is actually one of my friends, but I swear I didn’t rig this thing: here is the screen shot of for proof I swear!
Hopefully I’ll be able to share more giveaways like this soon…and maybe even a little DIY Pendleton giveaway I’m working on…we’ll see :).  

Now on with the blank filling! Christmas themed since I’m totally in Christmas mode this week! (Feel free to change these blanks to suit Hanukkah if that’s what you celebrate!) 

1.  “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is…”   singing loud for all to hear… what can I say – I couldn’t really get any better than the original Elf quote, but I’m excited to see how you guys get creative with this   .
2.  The holiday season is  usually stressful and I’m usually not that into it, but I think having a little one around this year is making it fun again. I’m going all sorts of crazy with the Christmas decor and planning this year!    .
3.  When it comes to holiday decorating…     I go for more of a “wintery” look than a “Christmasy” look – that way I can keep my decorations up beyond Christmas. I try to incorporate in my usual style – it’s mostly rustic and outdoorsy   .

4. The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is   getting a Christmas tree (read about our Christmas tree hunting poop fiasco here), but this year I’m just looking forward to seeing Fern’s reactions to everything  .
5. My favorite holiday tradition is  opening Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve .

6. This year my Christmas plans include  time at the in-laws and time with my parents, but I’m hoping we can figure out some time for just our little family at home with Fern…maybe Christmas morning. I think it’s going to be a little tricky making that transition, because everyone is used to how we usually do things now, but hopefully they’ll all understand that we want to make it special and our own now that we have a little one  .

7.  My favorite holiday food is  bread pudding, because I only make is at Thanksgiving and Christmas…not because it’s difficult, but because it’s so unhealthy!  .

Hope your weekend is lovely!



  1. I also like wintery items for decorations too. Snowflake things to be specific. My husbands mother went nuts when I mentioned this and how snowmen were cool with me and ended up getting us a ton of kitchen things with snowmen on it. She went a little OD imo. LOL. I like to buy my own since I know the style I like.

  2. I love that Elf quote, it’s perfection.

  3. I love your blog so much! This is such a fun and cute idea. First of all, love your Elf quote. Second, I totally agree with you on the more wintery look than Christmasy. I have never heard it described like that before, but it’s perfect description!!

  4. Hi, new to the blog world 😉 trying to find people to follow in hopes they follow me which results in a happy family LOL This is a perfect list, I like a winter christmas look as well, but my fiancé doesn’t so I try to make him happy as well. I also have 2 little girls and let me tell ya, it’s pretty hard keeping these decorations in order! haha Happy Blogging Holidays!! 🙂

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