barre3 fitness: week 3.

First of all, I wanted to let you all know that I’ve decided to add a link-up to these weekly fitness updates in case any of you want to link your fitness posts here. A lot of readers said they would love to be able to connect with others who are also working on getting fit, so I thought a link-up would be a great way for us all to have a bit of accountability and encouragement, so you’ll see that at the end of the post. Now on with the update!

This week’s measurements were substantially smaller in the waist and hips, but it’s because I realized that all my tank top layers weren’t doing me any favors. At the recommendation of the brilliant Barre3 front desk girl (AKA my measurer extraordinaire) I took off one of my tank layers (AKA my security blanket) during our measurements and was so surprised at the difference it made! I actually lost 3/4 of an inch from last week before even removing my extra tank, but after I ditched the tank my numbers dropped even further! That’s why you’ll notice an asterisk (*) next to the measurements that had a large drop. There’s your explanation. Here are my photos from this week:barre3 fitness: week 3

barre3 fitness: week 3

Here are my stats: (all comparisons are based off of the previous week’s stats)

Date: 7/26/13
Weight: 148.4 – (down 1 lb)
Left arm: 11.75″ – (same)
Right arm: 11.5″ (down .25″)
Chest: 36″ (same)
Waist: 33.5″ (down 2.5″*)
Hip: 35″ (down 2″*)
Left leg: 19.25″ (down .5″)
Right leg: 19.5″ (up .17″)
I felt stronger this week and was able to use 2 lb. weights all week! I realize that sounds super light, but most people use one pound weights since part of the Barre3 method includes an insane amount of repetitions. By the end of the arm exercises, you literally feel like you couldn’t even lift your arms if you wanted to. Anyway, my arms are looking leaner and more fit and my abs are feeling a little less flabby, although I’d got a long road ahead of me there since my abs much prefer to be at rest. I’m getting there though! So far I’ve only lost three pounds total in three weeks, but I feel good about that. Slow and steady wins the race and I’m looking for realistic lifestyle changes and not a crash diet/fitness type of situation.
Excited for the next week!

Love and lost inches,

{Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I have been invited to try out the Barre3 studio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


  1. which studio do you go to?

    • I go to the Lake Oswego one mainly when I have my mom babysitting, but I also go to Southeast and occasionally the Pearl when I’m taking Fern since they have childcare and L.O. doesn’t.

      • I used to live in Vancouver and would go to that studio. My parents live in Lake Oswego, so now that we live in Hood Rivernand do not have one here, I will have to check out the studio in L.O. Do you have a preference?

        • Ashley, I actually think the one in the Pearl seems to have the best teachers and the nicest facilities, but only by a bit. Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed all the locations I’ve tried and I really love that I am seeing visible results and measuring inches lost instead of just focusing on the scale. So even though the scale isn’t changing a ton right now, I know I’m making progress :).

  2. I will def. link up next week! I didn’t realize you were adding it in this week and I just started myfitnesspal today! Looking forward to linking up!

    • Feel free to add a link whenever you want! I’m keeping the link open for the whole week until the new one goes up!

  3. amy leclerc says:

    So proud of you Lauren! Keep it up, you look amazing!!!

  4. Unrelated to the blog post, but I do have a question. Since you made the switch to your own domain name, your posts don’t show up in my feedly feed (which is what I switched to when google’s reader was taken away. Do you know of any way I can fix this?

  5. How often do you attend classes? Keep it up! 😀

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