Barre3 Fitness: Week 4

OK guys…here is this week’s Barre3 fitness challenge update.

To be honest, this week super sucked fitness wise.

I mean…I actually felt really good about it until I did my weekly measurements. And also I hate these photos. I have a 5-months-pregnant pooch and look like a tired mama zombie. I know I’m being super critical, but whatever. I’m giving myself a pass.

Barre3 Fitness: Week 4
Barre3 Fitness: Week 4

Here are this week’s stats: (all comparisons are based off of the previous week’s stats)

Date: 8/1/13
Weight: 149.4 – (up almost 1 lb.)
Left arm: 11.25″ – (down .25″)
Right arm: 11.5″ (same)
Chest: 36.75″ (up .75″)
Waist: 34″ (up .5″)
Hip: 37″ (up 2″)
Left leg: 19.75″ (up .5″)
Right leg: 20″ (up .5″)
All of my numbers went up. I gained .2 ounces shy of a pound and everything got bigger. I was feeling super discouraged when I got measured, but then I started my period the next day (two freaking weeks early!) so I felt a little bit justified…at least the massive chest measurement increase. And the hips…not sure about that. The weight could probably be attributed to PMS water weight, but regardless, I’m just feeling a little bummed about this week.
I’m not giving up though. I really do love my Barre3 workouts and I do feel stronger even though the numbers aren’t doing me any favors this week. My arms (at least my left arm) did go down which is good news and makes sense, because I’ve definitely noticed more arm definition and I’ve gotten a lot of comments from friends and my husband that my arms are looking good, so I’m going to focus on the little victories this week.
This is what often happens to me when I’m on a fitness kick. I’ll do really well for a little while and then I hit a road block or something that causes me to take a step back and then I just give up. But, I’m determined to lose this baby weight and to not give up. I want this to be a lifestyle change and not just some crash diet and fitness routine.
In other news…I’m contemplating maybe trying to be a Barre3 instructor when this is all over! I made a little video (I’ll be sharing it with you guys soon!) of one of my favorite moves from class recently alongside an instructor and she mentioned that I might be a natural. Maybe she was just being nice, but I think I might really love it. You never know!
How was your week fitness wise? Update me friends!
And if you posted about your fitness goals this week over at your blog, please make sure to link-up below so we can all check out your posts and be encouraged!
Love and fitness,
{Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was invited to work out at the Barre3 studio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}



  1. How many times a week are you going? I find it so hard to get out more than twice a week to work out with my two kids.

    • I go 4-5 x a week. The child care definitely helps as does scheduling it in. With Barre3 I literally have to get online and sign up to reserve a spot in the classes. It make me committed to going and less likely to get out of it. I write my workout days in my schedule and I stick to it just like I would any other activity in my iCal. You can do it mama – though I’m sure 2 kids definitely makes it trickier! Ask for help! It takes a village :).

  2. I do not see this pooch you are referring to! You look great Lauren…don’t be so harsh on yourself, we can’t always have negative numbers! I’m having a fat/period week as well (grrr) but may it push us harder! Eff you periods! PS: I hope you had fun on your getaway and I need some Lauren time…not to mention your bday is coming up!!! 🙂

  3. Melinda M says:

    I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that because of your weekly updates, I have joined the 28 to Great and am planning on keeping the monthly subscription to Barre3 once it’s over. I have seen great strength and length in my body since joining 3 weeks ago. I haven’t been eating so great all the time, but I have been sticking to the workout schedules. I gave birth to twins last July and like you I have been carrying extra weight (20 pounds for me) that just won’t go away. I have not seen a real loss yet, but I feel leaner. My abs were DESTROYED from the boys and I am finding healing in my core as well. Thanks for putting yourself out there! It really has helped me stay dedicated and get change in my body. I don’t comment usually, but I read your blogs religiously. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Melinda – That is fantastic! I’m so glad that you’ve joined in and thank you so much for taking the time to share your encouraging words and just taking the time to read this blog! Can’t wait to see all the great fitness benefits that you’re going to achieve!

  4. Oh, is that what a 5 month pregnant belly
    Is supposed to look like? Oops. I think mine was a little bigger…or way bigger. :). You look great!

    • Haha! Well…I was being extra hard on myself. Maybe that was more like my 4 month pregnant belly. I was pretty tiny for the first half of my pregnancy and then gained an INSANE amount of weight in a short time. Pregnancy and bodies are so weird and unpredictable like that!

      • I know! I have gained the same amount of weight this pregnancy as I did at this point last time, but I’m carrying so different! I have a torpedo tummy!! You are looking ripped my friend.

  5. Hi Lauren!

    I just discovered your blog from the barre 3 blog. I wanted to tell you that I met you in a barre class in Lake Oswego earlier this summer. You were so kind to me when you saw that I’m pregnant. I really enjoyed meeting you and I would have never guessed that you have baby weight to lose. You look great! Hope to see you in class again and stick with Barre. I’ve been doing it for 4 years and it really does change a body in all the best ways!

    • Hi Katy!

      So glad you popped by to say hello! I typically go to Lake Oswego on Mondays and Fridays for the 10:00 AM class and to the SE location on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays at the same time, so if you’re ever there at any of those classes, make sure to say hello! Excited to get to know more Barre3 friends!

  6. I’ve been doing barre3 online my entire second trimester and plan to do it all the way up until delivery, even when it’s just one tiny ten minute workout a day. It makes me feel so much better. Since I am not focusing on what it’s doing for me appearance-wise at the moment, I am able to focus more on how it’s making me feel. I feel aligned, strong, and calm after doing it. I feel better able to carry this little (or not so little) load with grace. I am so glad I discovered barre3. I will definitely be using it postpartum as well!

    • That’s awesome! I’ll definitely be doing Barre3 during my next pregnancy as well. I think it will definitely help with less aches and pains as it would make you stronger to carry your weight more evenly.

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