My Addiction To Black + A Foray Into Color

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Hi. My name is Lauren and I have a problem. I am addicted to black.

I know it’s kind of boring of me, but I seriously love the color black. I know you’re about to get all “black is the absence of all color” on me and blah, blah, blah, but I just love it.

That said, I have decided to branch out of my all black comfort zone a little bit.

My Addiction To Black + A Foray Into Color
Some of you may remember a few months back when I went to Florida/Disney World with Hanes? Well, during some of our styling sessions we learned more about the Hanes product line and their motto: LIVE, LOVE, COLOR. Hanes is all about color – no more plain white granny panties! Here’s a little video about our time with Hanes in Florida and styling sessions with celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch…

Even though I don’t wear white underwear, my black underwear suddenly seemed a little bit boring after I got a chance to see so much color. Hanes let us choose a few of our favorites, so I decided to branch out and choose some fun, colorful underwear and bras and I love them! These cotton hipster underwear are my favorite.

My Addiction To Black + A Foray Into Color

Aaaaand…in honor of embracing color, Hanes wants to know what color underwear YOU are wearing! Yep, that’s right. They have a super fun Undercover Color campaign going on (check it out here!). You can go on and see what colors are trending right now and share your own undercover color with the #undercovercolor hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and get entered to win fun prizes! Today my undercover color is: Green. Look at me being all adventurous and stuff!

My Addiction To Black + A Foray Into Color

So what’s your undercover color ladies?

Love and colorful unders,



  1. Um, this is adorable and YOU’RE ON TV! Oh man. Well, kinda, Internet TV. So pretty much famous. I think I shall go buy Hanes undies JUST so we can be twinsies. kbye!

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