Barre3 Fitness: Week 8

This week’s fitness update photos are suuuuuper unflattering. But, this is real life my friends, so here you go. Aside from my post work-out hot mess hair and terrible posing, I will say that when I checked out these photos compared with last week’s photos, I noticed that my abs are actually looking stronger – looking a little less like an early-pregnancy pooch and I’ve definitely been feeling this in my clothing.

Barre3 Fitness: Week 8
Barre3 Fitness: Week 8

Here are this week’s stats: (all comparisons are based off of the previous week’s stats)

Date: 8/30/13

Weight: 151.4 – (down .4 lb.)
Left arm: 11.75″ – (same)
Right arm: 11.75″ (up .25″)
Chest: 37.5″ (down .5″)
Waist: 36.25″ (up 1.75″)
Hip: 38″ (up .87″)
Left leg: 20″ (same)
Right leg: 20″ (down .5″)
Ironically, even though my stomach has been feeling stronger and less “pooch-y”, my waist and hips actually went up in this week’s measurements, though I’m sure that could be attributed to the fact that Aunt Flo is visiting. Last month I gained almost a pound when this happened, so I’m happy to say I lost .4 lbs this week – definitely an improvement.
My eating was much better last week. I wrote down everything I ate in a little journal and it’s amazing what a difference it made. I had become totally unaware of the things I was eating and very much overestimating the impact that my workouts were having on my fitness goals. Working out can only take you so far if you aren’t keeping a balanced diet.
This week I’ve started the Barre3 28 To Great program and I’m super excited to see what the next 28 days will bring! The 28 to Great program entails a tailored eating plan along with six workouts of varying lengths every week. I’m excited for the self-discipline. Lord knows I could definitely use it!
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  1. Lauren, you look amazing! Way to keep going. I did the 28 to Great at the beginning of the year and loved it. Thank you for being so raw and sharing your weekly fitness updates. It’s such an inspiration!

    • Thank you Fallon friend! It definitely helps keep me accountable by putting it all out there, though it’s definitely embarrassing when I have my failures, but I guess it’s OK, because we all have them, right? We still need to take a class together!

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