Barre3 Fitness: Week 9

So, this week was pretty fantastic. It was week one of Barre3’s 28 To Great Challenge and I’ve loved it so far! Committing to working out six times a week has been both challenging and transformative. I only lost half a pound this week, but I lost inches (Yes! Inches plural!) and that is what really counts. Here are this week’s photos and stats…

Barre3 Fitness: Week 9 - The Little Things We Do
Barre3 Fitness: Week 9 - The Little Things We Do

Here are this week’s stats: (all comparisons are based off of the previous week’s stats)

Date: 9/7/13

Weight: 150.6 – (down .5 lb.)
Left arm: 11.5″ – (down .25″)
Right arm: 11.5″ (down .25″)
Chest: 36.75″ (down .75″)
Waist: 33.75″ (down 2.5″)
Hip: 36.25″ (down 1.75″)
Left leg: 20.5″ (up .5″)
Right leg: 20.5″ (up .5″)
Did you see the waist and hip stats?! I was in shock! We even double measured this week to be sure the stats were right and they were! Part of the reason for the decreases in the chest, waist and hips was likely due to the fact that last week was my girly time of the month, but not entirely. Stats like that definitely didn’t happen last month at that time. I can visibly tell that my stomach is more toned – and has that internal girdle (AKA abs that went the way of the dodo during/after pregnancy) to hold it all in better. The side view ha a less pronounced pooch than last week’s photo too! Yay for progress!
Side note…if you want to join in on this Barre3 fitness action QVC actually has an awesome deal going on with Barre3 right now – the 28 day program complete with DVDs and a stability ball for just over $36! You should check it out if you’re interested. A couple of my friends ordered it and I love having friends to encourage and get encouragement from in my fitness goals!
Anyway, back to the 28 To Great…I did go to Seattle for two days this past week with my family, which could definitely throw my routine off track, but I made good food choices while I was there and brought along my stability ball so I could do an online workout. My food choices weren’t by-the-book 28 To Great choices, since we were eating out and I couldn’t really make everyone else always eat what I wanted, but I tried to choose the best items. Basically tried to avoid sweets, carbs and cheese and eat protein and veggies at meals and fruit as snacks. It seemed to work out well, but I’m definitely excited to see how this week goes now that I’ll be home all week to stick to the plan a little more closely.
Feeling great this week!
Love and fitness,


  1. Kait Hurley says:

    Keep up the good work Lauren! You look great!

  2. Wow you look great! Keep up the good work!. X J

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