12 Days of Target Style

I love Christmas. I love style. And I super love Target. So when Target invited me to be a part of a 12 Days of Style project, a’la the 12 Days of Christmas, and I realized all of these loves intersect I was super excited!

Here’s the deal: for the next 12 days I’ll be sharing my daily ensembles. Each outfit will incorporate at least one item from the Liz Lange for Target maternity line. I’m posting the first outfit here and the rest will be shared in my Instagram feed, so be sure we’re friends there (@thelittlethingswedo) if you’d like to follow along!

At just about 15 weeks pregnant, I don’t exactly need maternity clothes yet, but I’m happy to say that I found plenty of items that will work for me now but can continue to grow with me throughout my pregnancy. I know there are a lot of blog posts out there about how pregnant women made their wardrobes last throughout their entire pregnancies or how they avoided shopping in the maternity section, but after being pregnant once I know just what a godsend maternity clothes can be. I was massive when I was pregnant with Fern and with a 55 pound weight gain there’s no way I was going to be squeezing myself into anything from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. All I have to say is: God bless Liz Lange.

There are a lot of overly cutesy maternity clothes out there that I would never even dream of wearing, but there’s some really great stuff too! If you’re selective and have a vision you can easily make maternity clothes work for you. All of the items I chose are true to my aesthetic and even with the fit, a lot of them I would totally pick regardless of whether or not I was pregnant.

Here are my six picks that I will be restyling over the next 12 days…so colorful right? Haha! What can I say? I love me some black and grey.

12 Days of Target Style // The Little Things We Do

1. Grey Striped Cardigan, 2. Grey Striped T-Shirt, 3. 3/4 Sleeve Shirt, 4. Grey Dress, 5. Black Tunic, 6. Heathered Long Sleeve Shirt

And here is my outfit for Day 1:

12 Days of Target Style // The Little Things We Do

Top: Liz Lange for Target

Jacket: Macy’s

Leather Leggings: Nordstrom Rack

Boots: Sam Edelman

Necklace: Target

Clutch: Anthropologie

Bracelets: Madewell + Masaii Market in Kenya

This shirt is seriously so cozy and every woman (pregnant or not) should definitely own a pair of leather leggings. They really are fantastic! They seem a little scary at first, but I promise they aren’t. After you wear them a couple of times you’ll feel less vampy – promise. When I first got them I would only wear them on date nights and even then I felt self-conscious, but now I would totally wear them on a Tuesday morning grocery shopping trip. Granted I might get a few odd looks in the suburbs, but who cares!

Hope you’ll follow along with my 12 Days of Target Style over on Instagram @thelittlethingswedo!

Love and dress-up,



  1. You are so cute, and so are target clothes! haha I am obsessed- I feel like 40% of my wardrobe is from there!

  2. I love this series! I’m excited to see the rest of the ensembles. I was pregnant last year, and I feel like this year’s maternity lines are SO much cuter. Go figure 😉

    Your 15 week bump is adorable!

  3. yep. I would wear all these and I have no belly on the way…. is it weird to wear maternity 26 months postpartum…?

  4. I love Target too! I’m just so disappointed with Target here in Canada 🙁 I’ll have to try to convince hubby to make a trip across the border. Lol

  5. sign me up…i need all of that!

  6. Love your picks!

    I still wear my Liz Lange tanks (DD is 20 months)… they’re the best nursing tanks I’ve found b/c they don’t lose shape! I also have a similar cardi that I still wear & is great for nursing in too (attached “cover”).


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