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Little Moments // The Little Things We Do

This week just hasn’t been the best. I guess some weeks are like that…“even in Australia”but it doesn’t make them any easier.

After our visit to the ER, and series of unfortunate events over the weekend, I figured things could only get better from there, but so far I just keep having lots of little things going wrong and a still sick grumpy girl who is seriously testing my patience. I can’t be angry about it, because I know her demeanor is being affected by how she’s feeling physically, but it’s still hard. Compounded by pregnancy hormones, every little thing is just feeling extra overwhelming.

That said, I decided yesterday that I want to choose to focus on the good moments instead of the bad and it really has changed my attitude. There truly are so many little moments that have been lovely in my week.

Here are a few…

– Having an excuse to watch lots of TV shows while resting with my girl.

Friends who read about your bad day on Instagram and invite you out for a milkshake girl date.

– Chocolate left on my doorstep by my sweet neighbor.

– Husbands who are patient when you’re feeling off your game.

– Our “hot swimming pool” (AKA hot tub). It’s been a fun way to bond as a family in the evenings and especially good for Fern’s breathing while she’s been dealing with croup.

– The in-laws bringing us dinner while we’re out of a kitchen.

– My mom coming over to help with Fern while she’s been extra challenging.

– A pregnancy that is going insanely smooth. If this little babe is anything like this pregnancy, he or she will be  dream.

– Our pretty wood floors in the kitchen. Craig has been working so hard to get it finished. Next up: cabinets!

My life really is blessed…even with a bad day or two here and there. Sometimes it just takes sitting down and writing it out to remind myself of that truth. I’ll be back next week with more posts and another birth story (I’ve loved reading all the submissions!).

But for now I’ll leave you with some of my recent posts at Disney Baby and Babble…which PS I would love if you took to time to check out, because I’m totally not even close to meeting my traffic goals this month.

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Love and thankfulness,



  1. Marguerite says:

    I wanted to comment on the 40 Names piece but I refuse to use Facebook, so I’ll comment here if that’s ok. I am a Marguerite and have had to endure people butchering the spelling and pronounciation of my name my whole life! Consequently, we named our daughter Jane! But I lobbied hard for Freya, so I’m with you on that one!
    Glad to hear (and found it an encouragement to myself) that you are able to find the good bits among the not-so-good. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Oh, sweet friend. I’d bring over some lunch if you didn’t live almost as far away as it’s possible to live and still be in the same country.

  3. At first I read your 7 tips for dressing baby (loved!). Then I saw 8 tips for including your toddler (doing that!) and I thought maybe that was your 12 days of Christmas. Each day maybe you were posting new tips and those were day 8 and 7. Then I found your 12 days and I enjoyed it. Maybe next year you could do the other idea?

  4. Your 40 baby names post was great. I secretly love Primrose too, and I’m sure my husband would never go for it.

    Where was the picture at the top of your post taken?

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