What We’ve Been Up To

I unintentionally took last week off of blogging. I didn’t really plan to, but with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and a remodel it kind of just got away from me. I had a little bit of “blogger’s guilt” for like two seconds, but then I figured that most of you were probably off enjoying the holidays as well and didn’t even notice. It’s nice to get away sometimes, and look! We had a great Christmas this year…and no psycho meltdowns like last year! Yay! Here’s the photo proof…even though we actually never got a family photo. Ooops.

What We've Been Up To // The Little Things We Do

Things haven’t been super exciting around here aside from eating all of our meals on paper plates and having at least half of those meals be take out. I’m pretty sure I haven’t eaten out so much in such a short period of time, ever. We still have no counters or kitchen sink which makes meal prep a little bit tricky as you might imagine, so we’re just going the easy route. The good news is, I don’t have to cook (I’m not a big fan of cooking, even though I do it on the regular). The bad news is, I’ve gained 3 pounds and they are most certainly not baby-related. Ugh. It’s not like we eat McDonald’s or anything when we’re getting takeout and we try to keep it as healthy as possible, but still…restaurant food is just super full of calories. Definitely going on a “cleanse” after our kitchen is back, but thank goodness for Barre3 to keep things semi-balanced at least. And yes! I’m still doing Barre3, but more on that later this week, because I definitely want to talk about pregnancy and health/fitness more and tell you all how it’s been going.

Aside from the daily life and living in the midst of a remodel, nothing super exciting has been happening here. Honestly, I’m just too exhausted to do much of anything lately. I pretty much write, run the bare necessity types of errands, go to my Barre3 classes and hang out at home. Many days my mom comes over and just hangs out at my house with me to help me entertain Fern, which is so nice and a great reprieve for me.

Also, we’re officially old and lame and doing absolutely nothing for New Year’s and I’m stoked about it. Well, aside from getting Burgerville hazelnut milkshakes. Yum! They’re making their debut today and we’ve been counting down the days ’til their arrival since they’re only around seasonally. Yep. Milkshakes are the big news in my life people.

Here are a few of the happenings in the Hartmann house as of late aside from milkshake dreaming though…

Coffee. Always coffee. We got Fern got this little espresso machine for Christmas and she loves it. Although Craig probably wishes it had a portafilter and looked a little less like the push button coffee you get at that big box coffee corporation that shall remain nameless, it’s still pretty fun. It drips real water and makes sounds which Fern likes and she gets to feel like a big kid making coffee just like Daddy.

What We've Been Up To // The Little Things We Do

Lots of stuffed animal and doll hoarding going on in this house. My brother got Fern that massive giraffe for Christmas and I couldn’t even be mad about it, because she loves it so much. She immediately jumped on top of it and hugged it, saying “I love you giraffe!” I mean…how can you be annoyed about joy like that? Pretty much you can’t unless you’re the Grinch.

What We've Been Up To // The Little Things We Do

A big girl room redesign! Now that Fern has a big girl bed and has outgrown many of the aspects in her current room, I thought it was time to recreate the space into something that suits her personality and interests a little more. I’ll admit, the room was super gender neutral in the beginning and it just didn’t suit the little person she is becoming anymore. Fern loves pink and sparkles and all things girly, so I figured I should embrace it by finding a way to marry our aesthetics together to create a room we can both love.

The color scheme will be a range of pale pinks and peaches, greens, grey, gold and cream – inspired by that Rifle Paper Co. print below. This is the start of the gallery wall I’ll be creating. Hoping to have the space complete by mid-January and I can’t wait to share it! Partnering up with some really great companies and creators…Land of Nod and Target just to name a few, so it should be a lot of fun.

What We've Been Up To // The Little Things We Do

What have you been up to lately? Any big New Year’s plans?

Fill me in!

Love and low-key days,



  1. I really, really can’t handle that picture of Fern with all her little stuffed animals… sweetest! Glad you guys had a great holiday — happiest of new years to you! xo

  2. I love the toy coffee machine! My just turned 6 year old daughter always tells me she’s making me “coffee”. Guess I drink a little too much!

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