I Love You To the Moon

Every mom who has gone before you on this unchartered trail of motherhood as a pioneer will be the first to tell you: It goes by so fast. Enjoy it.

I remember hearing these words, or some variation, on more occasions than I could possibly count when Fern was a tiny baby. I remember thinking that there was no way these people could have possibly remembered what having a newborn was like. Those days do not go by fast. They go by at a snail’s pace. Those days when you’re dealing with postpartum hormones and sleep depravation and a tiny human who you don’t really understand yet…those days can be pretty brutal. To be completely honest, I remember feeling like I was never going to make it through and if I could’ve wished those days away, I probably would’ve. I remember kind of wanting to punch those moms who told me to enjoy it in the face.

But, do you wanna know the thing about other mothers? They’re often right.

Last night at dinner my almost-two-year-old snuggled up to me, looked up into my eyes and said, “I love you to the moon Mama.”

When did you become almost-two-year-old little person my tiny Fern Winter? It’s like I blinked and it happened. I’m a little scared that if I blink again, I might wake up with a teenager. I mean seriously…I was being all nostalgic last night flipping through baby photos and when I saw this one next to the one I took on Friday my heart almost couldn’t take it.

I Love You To the Moon // The Little Things We DoSo now I’m that annoying mama telling you that it goes by so fast. Enjoy it.

I don’t even have a two-year-old quite yet and I already feel like it’s going by quickly, so I can only imagine that it’s a phrase I’ll be repeating many times over the years.

If you’re in the thick of it and feeling like this crying, poopy diaper, baby blob stage will never end? Take heart that it does. And it doesn’t make you a bad mother that you sometimes want to wish it away. We’ve all been there. Just know it gets better and one day you’ll have a little person telling you that they love you to the moon and your heart will melt with the joy that is motherhood.

Love and sappiness,



  1. *tear. Loved this post! She really is growing up so fast. Please video her entire 2nd birthday party so John and I can feel like we’re there. Love you and miss you friend!

    • Dana – We’re going low key…probably just getting milkshakes, but I will be sure to record whatever birthday celebration there is so you can be included :). Can you just come visit already though? We need some John and Dana in our lives!

  2. It is so, so true. I have also been told those same words hundreds of times…from strangers, friends, and family. My daughter is 9 months old, and these months have just zoomed by so unbelievably fast.

    As much as I say I dislike unwarranted parenting advice from other people, being reminded to savor these times is important. Because it does go by so fast.

    Also um, how unbelievably adorable is Fern?! I also need to ask where you got that bathing suit?! So cute.

  3. Thanks for keeping it so real, we are at 15 months almost and starting to have some toddler tantrums and one day we like food, the next day not, we just navigated shoes, which she hated, but now loves.. I remember seeing you say on IG or here that 18 months was your favorite and how different it was, and I keep telling my husband we will get there. But on the other hand, I want to freeze time,…such a journey! Now, how can I get my toddler to eat?????

    • Stacie – Seriously…18 months is SO good. I think around 21 or 22 months we started getting more toddler attitude, but really it’s not that bad. Everyone has me terrified for two though, but I’m sure just like any stage it has it’s pros and cons :). I seriously hope you’ll tell me how your 18 month old experience is, because seriously it was the best for so many moms I know.

    • I can’t get my 16 mo old to eat either! He literally takes two bites and then signs “all done” and I try to tell him he can’t possibly be finished after two bites but if I feed him more he just spits it out. Grrr! If you figure something out, let me know!

  4. This made me tear up because it is so true. I was just looking at my daughter and thought the same thing… where did the time go?

  5. I have a baby right now that is teething so I definitely needed to read this. And I love your blog.

    • Thank you so much Viki! I definitely needed to read things like this when I was in the thick of it. You really are doing a good job and it only gets better! Love to you and your little!

  6. I was just thinking this about my almost two year old the other day! It’s seriously like you turn around and you have a mini teenager…so crazy!

  7. Ugh, I honestly HATED the newborn days. I was crazy with PPD and sleep deprivation and Little E was crying non stop with colic. Now at 19 months we still have our days, with a picky eater and a very sensitive personality, but time is now starting to seem like it’s going by too fast. I cringe every time my mother in law says it, but she is right.

  8. Aw, I love the honesty of this post. I’m not there yet (only 15 weeks along, to be exact) but I can’t wait…even for the sucky parts. Following you and Fern’s journey has honestly kinda helped with that…so thanks 🙂 And so happy for you guys!

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