A Day at the Farmer’s Market With the Joovy Too Qool

One of the first pieces of baby gear I researched when I knew I was having another baby was a double stroller. Initially I thought I would probably go with something with a stand-on platform like the Joovy Caboose and maybe a side-by-side double for jogging. But, then Joovy offered to send me the Joovy Too Qool. I figured I’d give it a try, but honestly I didn’t really think I would like it since I wasn’t a big fan of the tiered style of stroller. It was actually the style of double stroller that I thought I’d like the least, because it seemed like the kid underneath kind of got the shaft since they couldn’t see anything. After trying it out though, I really love it!

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool // @ The Little Things We Do

We decided to test it out at the farmer’s market a couple weekends ago and it didn’t disappoint. Here are some things I really like about the Too Qool

The styling is great. It’s got a sleek design and comes in a bajillion colors (OK…actually 10, but still…). I love the avocado color we went with – way more fun than my usual pick of all black baby gear. I was actually sort of tempted to go for the vanilla white one, but then I remembered that kids are mess magnets and thought better of it. But, had I been brave enough, I would be able to relax, knowing that the comfy neoprene seat inserts are removable and machine washable.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

I love that the Too Qool gives me multiple options for how to use it. It has two, full-size seats that can be used in the typical tiered configuration, but it can also easily be converted to a single stroller for those times when I’m only out with one kid or when I’m baby wearing one. When being used as a single stroller it can also switch from forward to rear facing in a snap…like seriously easy. In addition, it can also be used with a bassinet accessory or with an infant carseat if we were to get the adapter (our carseat isn’t compatible with the Too Qool though, so we skipped it). Also, when Fern is a little older (AKA less of a “run risk”) we also have the option to add one of those ride-on boards for her to stand on, which I know she would love.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

{This photo is from a different outing to show how the Too Qool’s front seat can be easily changed to rear facing.}

Initially I had planned to put Fern in the front seat so she could see everything and put Clive in the rear since he’s a baby who doesn’t really care a whole lot about taking in the sights yet, but I actually ended up swapping their positions and it worked out perfectly.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

The front seat has three positions (the rear has two), so it was able to recline further which made it better for Clive since he doesn’t have a lot of control while sitting upright just yet and the front canopy also extended further to keep his baby skin shaded since he can’t wear sunscreen yet.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

Fern sat in the rear seat which was great because she couldn’t easily hop out.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

At 2.5 years old she’s pretty much a master of buckles and it’s near impossible to keep her strapped in. When she sits in a single stroller, she’s been known to hop out on a whim and without notice and scrape a knee or get a bruise in the process, but while sitting in the rear seat she wasn’t able to just jump out (despite remaining unbuckled) because the position made it trickier. She had to wait until we were stopped, which was fine by me.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool // @ The Little Things We Do

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

She’s at an age where she doesn’t need to be in the stroller the entire time we’re on an outing (like when she wants to hop out and start dancing in the middle of the farmer’s market with random children), but it’s still helpful to have her contained, so this was perfect. Eventually I think I’ll get the ride-on board attachment, because she’ll likely be too tall for the rear seat soon, but for now she’s still running off a lot when we’re out together, so I’m milking this rear seat for all it’s worth.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool

I think the best thing about the Too Qool though it the size. Most double strollers are big and cumbersome, but thanks for the tiered design awesome suspension and lightweight aluminum frame the Too Qool is actually easier to maneuver and has a smaller footprint than my previous single stroller (a Mountain Buggy)! I always see moms with double strollers struggling to squeeze through spaces when they’re out shopping at the mall, but I didn’t have any problems maneuvering our stroller. I actually bumped my tires on things less with the Too Qool since they aren’t so wide set.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool // @ The Little Things We Do

The only thing that was a little tricky was figuring out how to put it all together and fold it back up. The seats can be removed completely for extra compact fold-up, which was super nice for my tiny trunk, but a little tricky while holding an infant and wrangling a toddler. The more times I use it though, the easier it gets. I’m sure I’ll be a pro in no time! I also still kind of think the kid in the rear seat gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the view, but Fern really seemed to like it. I think it felt like a cozy, little hideout for her and I did like that it kept her high-energy toddler-ness a bit more contained.

Overall I think the Joovy Too Qool is a great option for parents with two kiddos and I really like that it offers so many options for ease of use. Primarily being able to convert to a single stroller once the second child no longer needs a stroller. It’s also great so you only have to carry one stroller around in your trunk – no need to switch between a single and a double. Genius!

And at the end of our trip we enjoyed a little splash in a nearby fountain while Clive watched from the cozy comfort of his stroller shade. Apparently he’s a fan of the Joovy Too Qool also.

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool // @ The Little Things We Do

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool // @ The Little Things We Do

A Day at the Farmer's Market With the Joovy Too Qool // @ The Little Things We Do

Love and weekend adventures,


{Disclosure: Joovy sent us a stroller to facilitate this review, but as always I only share products I really love and all thoughts and opinions are my own.}


  1. I love the look of that stroller! I didn’t think I’d like the tiered set up either but I think our toddler likes being lower so she can grab things. Super helpful but whatever makes her happy works for me.

  2. Lauren,

    My one question when I look at this: Where do you put all your stuff? I know with our single stroller I slip the diaper bag over the handle, but it looks like that wouldn’t be good for the bottom rider.

    • @Sarah – Yeah…not a ton of storage space. I think that’s kind of the deal with this style of stroller though, because the kid has to put their feet where the storage basket it. I have a Lily Jade diaper bag that converts to a backpack, so I don’t have to worry about where to put my bag thankfully. Totally unrelated, but a backpack diaper bag is a MUST!

  3. Ha! We are on the same stroller wavelength today, I see. I had the same worries about the stacked stroller, but my girls love it.

    • @Janssen – Yes! I totally read your post. That one sounds awesome. I do think it sounds so nice that you don’t have to take it apart to fold it up! With this one you can fold it up in one piece if you’re using it as a single, but you have to take the rear seat off. Not too big of a deal since it comes off super easy though. Also…I’m totally jealous of all your awesome adventures!

  4. So happy it’s working for your family.

  5. I cannot believe how big Clive is getting already! Wow! & Fern with her red kicks – LOVE THEM! Too cute! 🙂

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  6. I’ve been reading your posts for a while now. I can tell that this one was a definite advertisement for the 715.00 stroller you received for free. I can’t say I blame you though! And your children seem happy, so I guess that’s all that matters. I’m probably just jealous that I haven’t figured out a way to blog myself to free stuff. 🙂

    • @Crystal – I did get the stroller free of charge in exchange for the review, but my thoughts are my own and I never share products that I don’t actually like. I also disclose within my posts when products have been given to me. I will say that it’s definitely one of the great perks of being a blogger :). My friend Janssen at Everyday Reading did a great post about how to make money from your blog if you’re looking for ideas to get started: http://www.everyday-reading.com/2014/06/how-to-make-money-on-your-blog.html

  7. Adrianne says:

    I have a concern about the height of the older child ..at what do u think is to tall for the older child to be in the rear seat ??? My daughter will be 21/2 when baby comes but she is already 35in at 22 months ??


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