My Dear, Sweet Fern Winter…

Today you are three. THREE. Even just typing those words blows my mind. I know it’s such a cliche, but it really does seem like only yesterday that you were a tiny baby in my arms at the birth center. I remember holding your tiny body and feeling so many emotions all at once. I remember feeling like a total bad ass for just giving birth to you sans drugs, and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of caring for your tiny human self. I remember worrying about your funny unicorn-shaped forehead and feeling excited for all of the fun adventures we would have together. Your birthday is my most favorite day of the year, because it is the day I became a mama, so in a way it’s kind of like my birth day too. Thanks for sharing it with me.

With each year that goes by I fall more and more in love with the little person that you are. Full of spirit and spunk. You march (or rather twirl) to the beat of your own drum and I love it (OK, I sometimes hate it too, when you’re being defiant, but mostly I know it’s a good thing).

Here are a few things I never want to forget about you at the age of two:

-Your brother is your best friend. If we ask you who you love best, you always without hesitation say “Clivey.” Every night when we pray at bed time he is the only person you pray for “Dear Jesus, Thank you for Clive. Thank you that he’s a baby. Amen.” Same prayer every night and I love how much you love him.

-You discovered princesses this year and you’re all about them. Ariel is your favorite. The Ariel ride at Disneyland is your happy place and you would love nothing more than to ride it over and over for the rest of your life.

-You are ridiculously observant. If anyone ever changes anything about their appearance you’ll notice immediately and report on it.

-Your favorite foods are: “hangubers” and pizza boats. You like all fruit…and zero veggies. Sometimes I can trick you into eating a carrot or two. You can be bribed to do almost anything for some raisins.

-You are totally and completely obsessed with ballet and more specifically The Nutcracker. You request the music and twirl around to it daily. Hence the ballet theme for your 3rd birthday party.

-You love to sing. Show tunes are your jam…“Tomorrow” from Annie…”I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady…“Jolly Holiday” and “Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins. There are more, but those are a few favorites. As for more current tunes, you love “Happy” by Pharell, “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, and “All About the Bass” by Meghan Trainor. You are incredibly curious about any song that comes on the radio and you want to know what the name of the song is and who sings it. You can pick up on the voices of singers and often know who it is when you hear a new song by them for the first time. It’s kind of crazy.

-You love little figurines and making up worlds for them. You can happily play by yourself for hours.

-You adore dress-up. Thankfully you haven’t pushed my “no dress up clothes outside the house” rule. I’m waiting for that day…

-All summer you refused to wear anything that didn’t twirl. Not only would you only wear dresses, but if they didn’t twirl it was a no-go. You even wore twirly dresses over your pajamas at night, so we could avoid bed time drama.

-Oh yeah. You LOVE to twirl. You cannot be stopped. You are like a whirling dervish spinning all over our house at unreal speeds. I have no idea how you don’t puke.

-You love tucking things in. Like…everything. Tonight when we went to Burgerville to celebrate your birthday eve with hazelnut chocolate milkshakes, you brought along a doll and covered her up with a napkin and made her a pillow out of a stack of them.

-Baby Jesus is your favorite. You talked about him all during the Christmas season and even now you still do. You wanted to play with your nativity set daily and when we took you to see a live nativity your mind was totally blown.

-You like to swing and you sing, “I’m swinging in the rain” while you do it.

-You wear rain boots everywhere. Typically paired with tutus.

-You chose the goofiest green pumpkin at the pumpkin patch this year and it made me really happy.

-You like going to the doctor’s because afterward we always have “tea dates” at the tea shop up the road.

-You really like smelling candles and you always make me take you down the candle aisle at Target to smell them all.

-Speaking of Target…you think everything you own came from Target and you like to tell people that you “got it at Target.”

-“Getting cozy” is your fave. You always request blankets and snuggles so we can be cozy on the couch together. I’ll be really sad when you stop saying this.

There are pretty much a million special moments and memories we’ve shared with you this year and these are just a few that are coming to mind at the moment. Even though we had our challenges during your second year of life (hello tantrums and sassiness!), I really and truly loved the two-year-old version of yourself. You are such a beautiful and vibrant, little person and I am so very blessed to be your mama.

I can’t wait to see what this 3rd year brings and all the new adventures we’re going to have together.

I love you to the moon…



  1. Three?! She’s three already?! Dang. She is so stinkin’ cute. I love her lil bun in her picture. Adorable. 🙂

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  2. where did you get her shirt?!

  3. Her clothing description reminds me of Bonnie from Toy Story 3 – Fern actually looks a bit like her too!
    My 2yr old is going through the twirling and wearing spinny skirts stage, yes they’re worn to bed. Target Australia even sell pjs with Tutu’s so we’re all set!
    I love looking through your posts with a daughter just a few months younger, I anticipate a three year old a little better this way.

  4. How cute!! I just love her name. It’s so beautiful.

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