Super Easy DIY Deer Costume For Kids


A few weeks back we were invited to an animal themed birthday party where little guests were invited to arrive dressed as an animal of their choosing. Fern chose a deer.

Last Minute DIY Deer Costume For Kids // @ The Little Things We Do

If this were Halloween, you know I would’ve gone all out, because I love me some costume action, but since it was a birthday party, I decided to keep things simple with a little bit of makeup and a pieced together outfit from things we had in the closet. Basically just anything in shades of brown and cream would do the trick. Fern’s “dress” is actually my tank top that I pinned in back. #makeitwork

Last Minute DIY Deer Costume For Kids // @ The Little Things We Do

For the makeup, I kept it pretty basic…I used a golden brown cream foundation stick to spread color around her forehead and cheeks and black eyeliner to draw on eyebrows and a nose. If you wanted to get really tricky you could add liner on the eyes, but no way it was gonna happen on my three-year-old…although she did amazingly at sitting still! She was seriously SO excited to get makeup on. Oh…and all of the white details (the white around her eyes – above and below – as well as the little white dots) was actually diaper cream! Finding white face paint in January is next to impossible and somehow I thought to try diaper cream. It faded though and had to be reapplied once, but it was no big deal. Plus, I was happy to not have to buy anything!

Last Minute DIY Deer Costume For Kids // @ The Little Things We Do


For the hair, I simply put a brown stretchy headband on her and then tucked her hair into the headband. The result kind of looked like ears, which was cute. She wanted to put branches in the headband as antlers and we tried it for a second, but I talked her out of them, because someone would’ve lost an eye with those things for sure.

Last Minute DIY Deer Costume For Kids // @ The Little Things We Do


If you google “deer costume makeup tutorial” I’m sure you can find more specific details, but I mostly just wanted to post the photos, because I thought it turned out pretty cute and thought maybe the photos might serve as an inspiration. I tried to keep it super simple, so I’m pretty sure you could just look at the photos at see how to do it. If you have any specific questions though, you can definitely ask in the comments!

Kind of random to have a costume post in March, but hey…that’s how we roll!





  1. Hi Lauren! I stumbled upon your blog via instagram and your pictures are fantastic! This deer costume is absolutely adorable, and the diaper cream is pretty darn creative. Looking forward to following!! 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m going to be a deer this year. Wear did you get the dress?????


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