2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // ages 0-1


Yesterday, I kicked off my week of gift guides with a gift guide for kids (ages 2-8’ish) and now I’m back with a guide for babies. I had to cut myself off when I was making this one, because I could’ve gone on and on…and on. I couldn’t help it. Baby stuff is just so dang cute! Enjoy!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // ages 0-1

1. All Aboard National Parks Book, $9.99

A board book filled with lovely illustrations of national parks. A perfect gift for a little one whose parents are the outdoorsy type.

2. Ollie Swaddle, $59.00

This swaddle is a present for parents and babies alike. It is the absolute best swaddle I have ever used. It grows wth babies and has super easy-to-use velcro tabs and can open for diaper changes without un-swaddling. We are still using it at 6-months-old! You can also find it for $69.00 from Amazon in case you need prime shipping since you shopped at the last minute like I always do.

3. Finn + Emma Play Gym, $135.00

A pretty, heirloom quality play gym that will look cute sitting in any living space. The hanging toys can be removed to attach to a carseat or just for Baby to hold.

4. DockATot, $185.00

This thing ain’t cheap, but it is absolutely, 1000% the best baby item I have ever used. It is pure sleep magic. A parent and baby’s best friend.

5. Pendleton Hooded Baby Towel, $39.50

I love little animal hooded towels as much as the next person, but Pendleton just gets me every time. And just saying, this would probably look way cuter hanging in a bathroom than the shark towel we have.

6. Joovy Spoon Walker, $90.58

My first two kids had this real tacky, pink cadillac, walker that was gifted to us. It was awful, but it did the job. The second Baby #2 outgrew it I donated it, but then when I found out I was pregnant again, I thought it was the perfect excuse to buy this Joovy Spoon walker. Infinitely cooler looking sitting in my kitchen and great for smaller spaces too since it folds up.

7. Peek-a-Boo Brush & Comb Set, $17.06

This little brush and comb set is just so sweet and simple! Practical and cute.

8. Pattern Stacker, $30.00

A cool, mod stacker that babies will love and that doubles as an objet d’art.

9. Meiya & Alvin Soft Teether Toy, $19.99

My mother-in-law got this for Alice recently and not only is it a super cute, baby-sized doll, but the face is made of rubber (a’la Sofie la Giraffe) and doubles as a teether. Genius!

10. Wee Gallery Stroller Cards, $12.95

The high contrast designs on these cards will keep babies entertained while on a stroll or riding along in their car seat.
2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // ages 0-1

11. Tank Romper, $50.00

ChildHOODS makes such adorable kids clothing, but this little tank romper is particularly adorable.

12. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” Bath Book, $10.99

For the baby that chews through all the board books, this bath tub book is a safe bet, and it doesn’t get better than this classic tale of a very hungry caterpillar.

13. 2 pack jersey hats, $5.99

Cozy hats in a fun pattern and a steal of a deal. You can’t lose.

14. Petit Collage Stacking Toy, $22.95

Another fun stacking toy, this time in wood, which teething babes will love to gnaw on.

15. Yarn & Hook Made Lacie Bonnet, $25.00

This little bonnet upon the head of a tiny babe, cannot help but induce baby fever. It is so freaking cute I can’t even stand it. Alice has one in the antique color and I want her to wear it every day from now on.

16. Periodic Table Blocks, $34.95

For the baby whose parents geek out on science.

17. Zuzii Baby Oxfords, $60.00

I have been jonesing for a pair of cute Zuzii shoes to put on my babies for quite some time, but have never actually owned them. There are a ton of lovely colors and patterns, but these duty pink with gold dots are my fave.

18. Nora Dress – Navy/Olive Gingham, $66.00

This dress has a vintage vibe while simultaneously feeling perfectly modern. So perfect. Mabo Kids nails it every time.

19. Billy Bibs, $25.00-32.00

Billy Bibs makes a ton of cute bibs and they’re all reversible and with a boho vibe. You have to go check them out, because there are so many great ones.

20. Moss Stitch Cardigan, $19.99

H&M has been nailing it in the baby knitwear department and this moss stitch cardigan would make a baby even more snuggle-worthy than they already are.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // ages 0-1

21. Rylee & Cru Black Bear Long Johns, $59.00

These little bear long johns make me wish I had a baby boy so badly. They’re neutral enough for a little girl too, but oh man…a baby boy in these would be pure magic.

22. Yarn & Hook Made Montessori Rattle Teether, $15.00

A sweet wooden teether/rattle. Sweet, simple and heirloom quality at a great price point!

23. I accidentally included these hats twice, and was too tired to go back and re-make my collage, so I’m just leaving this one out. To make it an even 30 though, I’m suggesting these floating duck bath toys. Super cute!

24. Pinhole Press Custom Board Book, $35.00

I made one of these for Clive last Christmas and my kids still love looking at it. Babies love looking at pictures of the people they know and love and it’s a great personalized option and will be much-loved for a long time.

25. Adorable Animal Knee Socks, set of 6, $20.90

Animal knee socks are never not cute. Animal knee socks 4-ever.

26. Rainbow of Love One-Piece, $23.00

This cute little onesie was designed by my friend Kacie’s 4-year-old son Eddy whose penmanship puts mine to shame. It’s so sweet for any baby, but particularly special when gifted to a rainbow baby.

27. Organic Cotton Drawstring Leggings, $32.00

I wish these cozy pants come in grownup size.

28. Waffle Teether, $5.99

I bought this as part of Alice’s halloween costume this year (she was Eleven from Stranger Things). I didn’t care about the quality of it since it was just a prop, but it quickly became her favorite teether. It’s great!

29. Parasol Diapers, starting at $22.00

Buying a baby diapers is the equivalent of buying someone socks and underwear for Christmas, but it’s infinitely better when they look this cool and work this well. You can buy smaller packs, or spring for a monthly subscription!

30. Happy Pop-Up Toy, $12.95

A simple toy, but endlessly entertaining for babes.



Happy gifting! Check back tomorrow for my gift guide for the ladies!




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