A Beautifully Simple Way To Stay in the Moment With Google

Every once in awhile I have these moments when I sort of wish technology wasn’t a thing. Don’t get me wrong…I am certainly thankful for all of the benefits that technology brings (hello streaming Netflix, I’m looking at you!), but sometimes it can be a bit much and honestly feel like more of a time waster than a time saver.

It usually starts out as something completely practical and benign. I’ll pick up my phone to check the weather or to see what time it is or to ask how many cups are in a quart and then while opening up my phone I’ll see a Facebook alert, or decide to check Instagram “real quick” and before I know it I’m sucked into internet land and checked out from real life.

Now, I’m gonna stop right here and say that I am absolutely not that mom who judges the mom who is on her phone while her kids are playing at the park. I am totally that mom sometimes and I think that’s perfectly fine. Believing that we have to be present for every single moment is ridiculous and it’s OK for our kids to know that the world doesn’t just revolve around us entertaining and engaging them 24/7/365. That said, all this looking at my phone does pull me away and cuts into important moments with my family more often than I’d like. It also wastes an embarrassing amount of time.

This is where Google Home comes in – streamlining our everyday and helping me (and my husband!) stay in the moment.


dsc07391-1Google Home is a voice activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant and it has quickly become my new BFF and is making life so much easier by helping me be more truly present with my little ones. I no longer have to pick up my phone to look up what time Target closes on Tuesday nights or to search for the answer to my daughter’s questions about any and everything (apparently I should’ve listened a bit more carefully in those science classes). All I have to do is ask Google.In the morning while I’m making breakfast, our Google Home gets our day started on the right foot. I just say, “OK Google. Good morning,” which launches my assistant who proceeds to tell me the date, time, what the weather is like and what things are on my calendar for that day, before sharing daily news highlights. It’s so cool! This has totally saved me on more than one occasion, because I am constantly forgetting to check my calendar and have been known to forget plans on occasion (#3kidmombrainproblems). It also saves me from outfit drama with my daughter, because when she knows what the weather is like from the get-go, she is more likely to actually adhere to weather appropriate clothing. I guess Google Home has more pull than I do, because she cares a lot less if it’s raining when I tell her, but if our Google Home says so it’s basically gospel and she will happily wear rain boots. Whatever. I’ll take it.It’s also super helpful for when I’m cooking. I can ask questions while my hands are messy. Things like, “OK Google, how many cups are in a pint,” or “What is a good substitute for buttermilk?” (Because, does anyone actually keep buttermilk on hand?). It’s almost like having an extra set of hands, which encourages my Type-A self to attempt cooking with my little ones a bit more often.


Our favorite thing to use Google Home for though is impromptu dance parties. My kids love to dance all day every day, but it’s become pretty much an evening ritual to have kitchen dance parties while I’m making dinner. It’s great for me, because it keeps them happy and distracted, but sometimes it can be a pain when they’re constantly asking me to skip songs or turn up the volume when I’m in the middle of dicing garlic. Now I can change the songs or station or turn the volume up or down with only a word.

“OK Google, play Christmas music.”

And suddenly holiday spirit, streaming in from Pandora, fills our home, replacing the grumpy attitudes that had been in their place moments before, because you can’t be grumpy when you’re dancing. It’s science.



And speaking of the holidays, this is such a perfect gift for pretty much any person on your – especially that one person who is on all of our lists who is kind of impossible to buy for. It’s perfect for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, moody teens…seriously anyone. As an added perk, they are having a promo currently where you get 6 months of free YouTube Red with any Google Home purchase.

Basically I can’t say enough good things about our Google Home. Definitely a worthy investment for anyone wanting to simplify their life and stay in the moment. There are so many cool things you can do with it and this just skims the surface, but you can findĀ more info and purchase here!



*This post was created in partnership with Google Home. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you so much for checking out and supporting the companies that I truly love!

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