The Netflix Hobbyist + Some of My Favorite Shows

Before I had kids I had hobbies.

I used to love all things crafty and I used to read actual books. I used to go to cool places that sold lovely things, or go thrifting for hours, and I used to eat at delicious restaurants.

Then I had kids.

Now, the only crafts I do involve stickers and scented markers and the only books I read are made of cardboard and have farm animals on them. The cool places I used to go have too many breakable things to take children in and thrifting with kids is hopeless and we mostly just eat takeout now.

Sometimes people will ask what I like to do for fun and I sort of want to laugh. Gone are the days of real hobbies.

Nowadays, my hobbies include: Sleep. Silence. Wine. Netflix. 

I do hold out some hope that once my kids are older I’ll maybe have the wherewithal to take up something more constructive as an addition to my hobby list, but for now I’m cool with it. Honestly, I’m just too tired for much else.

The ironic thing though is that even though I’m super tired, I end up staying up way too late watching shows. I attribute it to the fact that I am trying to cram my entire adult life into the few hours of alone time I get in the evenings after the kids are in bed, so I end up trying to squeeze out every last drop. Stupid but true.

Netflix Hobbyist

Also, I mean…can you really blame me for all the TV watching, when there are so many fantastic things available to watch at the push of a button?

Here are some of my favorites in case you are looking for something to watch at the moment:


1. House of Cards

Kevin Spacey is just incredible in this show. I will love it forever and always. The first season was probably my favorite though. I love when Spacey breaks the 4th wall and addresses the audience, though he seems to do it less in subsequent seasons.

2. Stranger Things

I mean, everyone and their mother has seen this show (literally…my mother has seen it), but if you haven’t, it is fantastic. It’s sci-fi, but even if you aren’t a sci-fi type of person (I’m not), you’ll be able to find reasons to like it. Particularly if you are a child of the 80’s. I’m a sucker for a bit of nostalgia.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This show just makes you feel good. It’s hilarious and light. A nice break from a lot of the more serious stuff we tend to watch. Also, Titus Andromedon forever.

4. Master of None

If you are an Aziz Ansari fan, definitely give this show a go.

5. Black Mirror

When I started watching this show I didn’t realize it was single unconnected episodes, so I was a bit confused. It’s like The Twilight Zone for the digital era (I’m actually pretty sure I read that description somewhere, so those aren’t my words). I loved some of the episodes and others I loathed. Episode 1 of season 1 was the absolute worst. I would recommend skipping, but it’s up to you.

6. Santa Clarita Diet

I just binge watched this show over the past week (each episode is only 30 minutes) and while it’s gruesome, it’s definitely not scary. I’m not a Drew Barrymore fan, but her style of acting is absolutely perfect for this super campy show. Also, I’ve never really been a Timothy Olyphant fan either, but he makes this show. I think it’s super funny, but don’t judge me if you hate it. I can definitely see how it wouldn’t be everyone’s jam.

7. Rectify

Someone I know recommended this show and it was a bit different than what I usually watch and I really enjoyed it. Craig didn’t like it that much, but he stuck it out all the way through for me anyway.

8. The OA

I loved some things about this show…thought others were kind of corny. But entertaining and intriguing nonetheless.

9. The Get Down

LOVED this show. It’s about the birth of hip hop and I loved everything about it. If you are a Baz Luhrmann fan, you should definitely check it out.

10. The Crown

OK, so I have to say that I didn’t love this as much as everyone else seemed to have loved it, but it was super well done. I think I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when we watched it. I liked it, but it didn’t keep me

11. The Walking Dead

I have loved this show for ages. It was the show that got me to open my mind to new genres where TV/movies are concerned. I’m totally not a zombie-loving kind of girl, but the character development in this show sucked me right in. That said…this pass season has been the worst. I’m sticking it out, because I have hope it will get better, but I still think it’s definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet.



12. Game of Thrones

OK, I’ll admit, this one has some questionable content to be certain, but the story line is SO GOOD.

13. Westworld

I’ve always said I’m not into sci-fi, but a lot of these shows I’m recommending seem to be in the sci-fi vein…this one included. Maybe sci-fi is getting better? Who knows. Love the story behind this series and Thandie Newton is fantastic in it! I will say that there is a lot of nudity, but it’s robot nudity. OK, so it’s actually real people nudity, but the fact that they’re supposed to be hyper-realistic robots somehow makes it seem more clinical…like being in science class.

14. Silicon Valley

HILLARIOUS. One of my favorites I’ve watched this past year.

15. The Leftovers

This show reminded me a lot of The OA and definitely gives way more questions than answers, but you just can’t look away because you want to find out what happens next.

16. The Night Of

An utterly, hauntingly heart breaking story. I couldn’t stop thinking about this show for weeks after we finished watching it.

17. Togetherness

I didn’t love everything about this story line, but I LOVED the acting and the casting was fantastic. Actors that looked and act like real people made this show for me.



18. Atlanta

This show would probably be in my top 3 shows I’ve watched this year. Donald Glover is pure genius. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

19. This Is Us

So, I know everyone LOVES this show, but I totally didn’t expect to be one of them. It took me awhile to get on board with this show, because everyone kept saying “it’s the new Parenthood!” and I



20. Arrested Development

One of my all-time faves. Buster + Lucille 4Ever.

22. Mad Men

60’s & 70’s popculture + Jon Hamm.

23. Dexter

A killer you can root for sounds completely far-fetched, but Dexter is exactly that. Perfect for binge watching.

24. Breaking Bad

Somehow Craig got ahead of me after season 3 of this show and I never got caught back up. It was such a good show. I really do need to just watch it one of these days.

25. American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson

Excited this is an ongoing series. I really enjoyed this show…even though John Travolta as Robert Shapiro and David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian drove me a little insane. Looking forward to the next one!


What are you binge watching? Feel free to give me more suggestions!





  1. I don’t have kids and Netflix is my hobby as well 🙂 it is for now because of winter. I’m not sure if it’s your thing but I would suggest watching Terrace House. It’s a Japanese reality show, a cross between The Hills and Big Brother. It’s really cool to see Japanese mannerisms, culture and food. I haven’t met a person yet who I have recommended the show to who hasn’t binged watched it. It’s unique and awkward lol! Make sure you watch Boys and Girls first and then Ahola State.

  2. Jessica McNatt says:

    We watch all of the same things! Travelers on Netflix is really good. Outlander on Starz, and the show Episodes on Showtime. It is so hilarious and I wish it was more known.

  3. I see no mention of Lovesick, a Netflix original with only two seasons. So like a really long movie when you watch them all at once. Some very funny British humor 🙂

  4. Anna Norman says:

    i love you. oh motherhood. A blessed thing. And a true sacrifice of lives we once lived 🙂 And I have realized we have complete opposite taste in shows-haha. Out of the list The Crown was my absolute fave (along with basically ANYTHING PBS does…I am so old). love you friend. I am looking forward to going thrifting with you in like 8 years when all of our kids are in school 🙂

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