My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

In my pre-mama days, I used to be a wardrobe stylist. Technically I still am, but with the craziness that is life with three littles, styling gigs are few and far between, and dressing my kids is really the only wardrobe styling I have time for anymore. Hopefully, when they’re a bit bigger, I’ll get to take on more gigs again but for now I have fun with my own mini models.

Also, kids clothes are ridiculously adorable…I mean, what could be cuter than tiny, shrunk down versions of clothes? And don’t even get me started on tiny swimsuits…they are my absolute kryptonite. Like, it is (almost) embarrassing how many swimsuits Alice owns even though we live in Oregon where the sun hides for a good chunk of the year and she’s only been to an indoor pool once. But, I mean…we all have our vices right? I guess, mine just happens to be teeny swimsuits. But I digress…

Since my kids own so many swimsuits, I consider myself to be a bit of a connoisseur, so I can safely say that the swimmers from Kortni Jean are top notch and definitely our favorites.  My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

I love that they come in so many fun mix-and-match patterns and colors, because I am a sucker for a good matching moment (I don’t have an entire #MatchyMatchyHartmanns hashtag for nothing!) and I also love that they have such great modest two-piece options. I’m not usually a big fan of two-piece suits for little girls, because they just look too grown up a lot of the time, but they are SO much more convenient to put kids in as a parent. In the past I’ve always bought one-piece swimsuits for Fern, but they are such a pain when it comes to using the bathroom and I also have difficulty with fit, because she’s so long and lean so to get the right length, she also ends up with a baggy bum. These swimmers are the perfect solution, because I can order different sizes for the top and bottom!

My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit ObsessionMy Teeny Tiny Swimsuit ObsessionMy Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

Not only are Kortni Jean’s swimmers super cute, but they are really well-made. The boy’s swim trunks are hands down the best/most comfortable swim trunks ever. The fabric has the most perfect amount of stretch, and the lining is made of a stretchy swimsuit type of material (no itchy mesh!) and Clive is totally obsessed. He told me, “Mama, these blue swim trunks are my favorite. They’re much more comfy than my other ones.” Out of the mouths of babes.

My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit ObsessionMy Teeny Tiny Swimsuit ObsessionMy Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

Then there’s me.

While I love swimsuit shopping for my kids, buying a swimsuit for myself is enough to throw me into hysterics. But, as much as it might make me uncomfortable, I am committed to letting go of my hang ups in the name of teaching my children to love their bodies and embrace them as is. I don’t want my kids growing up with a mom who was too worried about wearing a swimsuit to ever get in the pool with them. Thankfully Kortni Jean has us grown up girls covered too. The two-piece mix-and-matchable options let me choose the perfect pieces for my body type and in sizes that suit my proportions (the suit I’m wearing is the scoop back top with the extended high-waisted bottoms in case you were curious). I felt cute, but still comfortable enough to actually play with my kids without fear of a wardrobe malfunction, which really could you ask for anything more?

My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit ObsessionMy Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit ObsessionMy Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

So basically we are Kortni Jean fans for life. Excited to enjoy our suits all summer long!

My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession




*This post was not sponsored. We did however receive our swimsuits free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I greatly respect all of you who read here and promise to only recommend products we truly love. 


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  2. So cute! Love those copper sandals! Where’d you get them?

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