From Eyesore to Design Game-Changer

One of my favorite things about our home is the fact that it has so much lovely, natural light. The living room especially. Windows for days! The pitfall to all those windows though, is that we are severely lacking in the wall space department. For ages, I’ve had visions of perfectly Pinterest-esque gallery walls dancing around in my head, but sadly, the only open wall in our living area is taken up by our (rather large) TV.

In the past, I thought there were only two solutions to this dilemma. Solution #1: get rid of the TV. Solution #2: build the gallery wall around the TV.

Solution one isn’t really a solution, because my husband and I are definitely TV people. Watching TV is an enjoyable part of our evening relaxation ritual that I am unwilling to part with. Solution two also isn’t a great option, because I honestly just don’t love the look of a gallery wall with a television in the center of it (especially when it’s large like ours). When it’s turned off, you’re left with a sizable, black void of a screen in the middle of that lovely art, and it’s just not very pretty.

Since neither solution was much of a solution in my mind, we’ve lived the past five years in our home with almost no art hung on the walls (unless you count the visible cords coming out of our television). But, just when I was about to lose hope of ever getting my gallery wall, Samsung came along with a complete game changer: The Frame.

The Frame is literally the most beautiful TV you’ve never seen, which is exactly what I was after. Instead of just an eyesore to overlook, our TV now blends seamlessly into the design of our home. I’ve been able to finally create the gallery wall I’ve been dreaming of, even with a big TV right in the center, because it is just that beautiful.

While The Frame is a TV, it’s also a piece of art. Once I finally shut off the TV after my latest Netflix binge, it automatically switches over to Art Mode. There are 100 beautiful art pieces preloaded (think landscape, action, drawings, etc…), but with the option to also display your own images, I was able to upload something more personal, lovely art created by a friend, easily with the Samsung Smart View app. The beauty of this TV is that I can easily swap it out for a photo of our family, an image of my kids’ latest art work, or a favorite inspiring quote. The possibilities are endless!

And to be clear, this isn’t just another harshly backlit screensaver. Before seeing The Frame in person, I was skeptical that an image on a screen could really mimic the look of art, but The Frame intrinsically adjusts itself to the ambient light in the room, (even factoring in the color tone of the light!) and the result is incredibly convincing and really natural. Upping the “art look” even more, Samsung has made it possible to customize the border color for your art, which is a really nice option. The entire TV, as it’s name would suggest, is surrounded by a beautiful frame, so it really does mimic the look of hung art. And the frame edges are customizable (white, black, walnut, or beige wood) and can be changed out to coordinate with whatever look you’re going for.

Even without any other upgrades, I was already completely sold on The Frame, but literally every aspect of this TV has been created with beautiful design in mind. Samsung’s Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-Mount allows The Frame to be hung flush with the wall and completely eliminates ugly cables and wires (a struggle for us before this) – yet another element that helps it pull off the real art illusion. Even the remote is a minimalist, design-lover’s dream with very few buttons that are simple and user-friendly. The voice command works efficiently and it switches back and forth between viewing modes faster than any other remote I’ve used, which means switching between Netflix and my guilty-pleasure reality TV shows is super quick.

I could go on and on about how beautiful this TV is, but more than anything, I absolutely love that it has helped make our living space feel not only more beautiful, but also more warm and inviting. Our living room is the center of our home and where we spend the most time as a family, so it’s to have it filled with art that is meaningful and personal now, instead of just a blank wall with a big, distracting, black box in the middle of it. Who knew a TV could make a house feel more like a home?

Check out The Frame for yourself here!




*This post was created in partnership with Samsung. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you so much for checking out and supporting the companies that I truly love!


  1. Christine says:

    I love Alice’s romper! Where is it from? I am on the lookout for cute rompers for my 14 month old. The TV is very cool too but I think I will have to save my pennies for that one.

  2. Um … this is beyond gorgeous! Definitely on my wish list for the new house!

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