Just a Little Birthday Wish Listing

Most of my online perusing and fun purchases are for other people…tiny people…AKA my children. I can’t resist tiny adorable things, so much of my extra purchases tend to be for my kids and not myself. I hadn’t really thought about it until someone recently asked me if there was anything I wanted for my birthday, which is coming up this week and I really couldn’t think of anything. It led me down a rabbit hole of online perusing and as a result I thought I would make a little wish list of some current favorites in case you happen to have ladies in your life who are in need of gifting. Maybe this will give you a bit of inspiration…although I can’t promise anyone else will be quite as excited about kitchen towels or dryer balls as me, but it’s worth a shot! Haha!

Just a Little Birth Wish Listing

1. Plaid Kitchen Towels

Because I’m turning 33, my wish list includes boring things like kitchen towels. These ones are pretty dang cute though.

2. Love in a House Print

I’m a sucker for some lovely words hanging on a wall, and this would make a perfect addition to our gallery wall.

3. Madewell Medium Transport Tote

I’ve got a few diaper bag purses that are wonderful, but sometimes a girl just wants a regular purse you know? I have a canvas and waxed leather one that is going on five years old and has definitely seen better days. Time for an upgrade and this medium size is perfect for rocking on date night or an outing with kids.

4. Rose Gold Wall Clock

Our janky Target wall clock just went kaput (that’s what you get for $12.99) so we are in need of a replacement and I’m obsessed with this one. Sleek, minimalist design married with rose gold? Could it get any better?! Actually, yes. It’s also non-ticking (unlike the aforementioned janky clock). Sold!

5. Cactus Dryer Ball

I am 32 going on 87 clearly with this wish list. But, come on? Can you blame me for adding dryer balls to the list when they’re this cute?

6. “Never Read the Comments” Keychain

This is basically my life’s motto on a keychain. It works in a literal sense, because blog/social media comments can sometimes be super terrible. It also works in a metaphorical sense, as in “don’t worry so much about what other people think”. I need more of that in my life.

7. Pom Pom Dangle Earrings

I’m not typically a dangly earring kind of girl, but these are just so whimsical and fun. Why the heck, not?

8. Maggie Cole family illustration

Maggie Cole does the absolute loveliest illustrations and a family portrait by her is at the top of my list (*hint hint* Husband)…especially so I can swap out the pre-Alice version I have on our wall currently.

9. Moto Leggings

Who can resist a good pair of leggings? And this moto style elevates basic black leggings to instant cool girl status.

10. French Girl Rose Lip Polish

I’ve been dying to try this lip polish for awhile now. It’s quite possible I’m only being sucked in by the pretty branding, but I’m OK with it.

11. Bye Felicia Doormat

A little bit of humor for the front porch is always a good idea.

12. Not pictured

A day to myself where I get to sleep in and don’t have to worry about anyone else’s meal or bathroom situations. Haha!

What’s on your wish list?




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    ALSO I have those earrings and they are the bomb.

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