sick sick sick.

Just wanted to pop in to say hello. Fern is sleeping right now, but has been feeling under the weather today. We actually had a scary morning…Woke up to her loud, wheezing cough on the baby monitor and rushed into her room thinking she was choking. It sounded super scary and by the time I […]

what fern wore #8.

This is what Fern wore to see Santa… Getting ready…these tights are too big, but they’re so darn cute! She was totally enamored with Santa’s beard and gave it a good tug. It was hard getting her to look at the camera with the distraction of that fluffy white beard. Cousin Harlow just kept checking […]

baby’s first christmas 20 second diy ornament.

By now you probably know that when you see the word “DIY” on this blog, it’s probably being used very loosely and this DIY is no exception. Sometimes I’m hesitant to even share my DIY projects, because they really are just that simple (see examples: here, here, and here). But, then I realized…there’s no realizing […]