Giving is Better Than Receiving

Remember when I talked about Giving Tuesday with Hanes? Well, I got to go drop off my sock donation from Hanes to my  local homeless shelter this week and I was once again reminded that giving really is better than receiving.

It was fun getting to fill up my cart at Target to the brim with socks of all sizes. People kept coming up to ask me questions about why I was buying all these socks. I secretly wanted to tell them it’s because I have a family of 10 at home and a brood that size requires a lot of socks, but instead I was able to share about Hanes and how I was picking out socks to donate to shelters. I was also able to tell them that socks are a highly under donated item at shelters, just in case they ever wanted to donate themselves.

Side note, but in the midst of my full cart craziness I failed to look at the sign for the lane I got into and realized too late that I was in the 10 items of less line. Awkward. The lady was nice and let me go through anyway, but I felt awful because I was totally “that person”. Ugh.

Giving is Better Than Receiving // The Little Things We Do

Giving is Better Than Receiving // The Little Things We Do

I got to take Fern with me when I dropped off the socks and it was cool to be able to involve her. Even though she doesn’t really understand giving yet, it’s something I’m working to instill in her. We actually recently went and picked out stocking stuffers together for a local non-profit that I’ve become really excited about called With Love (I wrote more about it here). They are a fantastic organization who work off of donations to give needed items to foster children and their families – if you are local and looking for a way to give this holiday season, I highly recommend checking out With Love – they have a list of needed items on their website.

But, I digress…back to the socks…these bags were seriously heavy and don’t look nearly as big as they actually were in real life.

Giving is Better Than Receiving // The Little Things We Do

This is a mother-daughter team who work at the shelter and were busily sorting donations when we arrived. They were beyond thrilled at the donation of socks and emphasized again what a huge need socks are for their clients and how they so rarely receive them.

Giving is Better Than Receiving // The Little Things We Do

Thank you again to Hanes for sponsoring this donation and for continually finding ways to support people and communities. The work you do is so important.

Make time for giving friends – during this holiday season and beyond.

Love and generosity,



  1. Isn’t that a WONDERFUL benefit of blogging? I love the opportunity I’ve had to do nice things for people who need it.

  2. So kind of you, Lauren. And I must praise you for teaching Fern giving at such early stage. It’s never too early. She’ll grow up to be just like mommy; kind, thoughtful, with the biggest heart 🙂

    Hugs to both

  3. Girlfriend! First off your wedding video made me tear up. You and your husband have such a beautiful love. Something tells me one day your babies are going to watch this and their faces will light up the way you and your husband’s do. Second Giving Tuesday is one of the best days EVER and I love that you took an opportunity to give back. It is also great that you are working with a company that supports you in that. There is SO much joy to be found in giving. I will likely say that a 100 more times but it is true 🙂 Hope you are well!

    • Krishann – Thanks lady. I really hope that we are able to model a marriage that Fern can use as a guideline for herself when she considers marriage one day…that’s the goal anyway :). And yes! Giving really is the best! Thanks for popping by to say hello. I feel like life has been so busy I rarely get to connect with you these days. I need to remedy this!

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