2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // For all the ladies in your life! 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // For all the ladies in your life!

1. Pentel Sign Tip Pens – Set of 12, $14.37

A rainbow of pens for doodling, calligraphy or writing notes to friends.

2. Personalized Bar Pendant Necklace, $74.00 – 88.00

This is the perfect gift for a mom or grandmother. It can be personalized with whatever you choose. I have one with each of my children’s names on it, but you could have important dates, locations or words on it as well.

3. Champagne Gummy Bears, $8.50

A grown-up gummy for the lover of champagne. One of my all-time favorite treats.

4. Umbra Trigg White/Brass Hanging Container – Set of 2, $24.99

Cool, modern containers – just add plants and you have a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

5. Compact Portable Kitten External Power Phone Battery Charger, $29.99

For the woman in your life whose phone battery is forever at 3% and about to die. Get her this external charger in adorable kitten form.

6. Rose Gold Hair Tie Bracelet, $45.00

Like most women, I wear a hair tie around my wrist pretty much all the time and while it’s convenient it certainly isn’t elegant. These pretty bracelets solve that problem and give you a stylish way to stash your hair tie.

7. Vestige Lipstick Holder, $29.00

For the girl who never has too many lipsticks, the perfect place to store them – and so pretty!

8. Momma Bear Magazine, $18.00

For the mama in your life, a beautiful magazine for her to truly pore over. Filled with beautiful images and encouraging words. If you want to level up with this gift, include a gift card so she can enjoy coffee at a local coffee shop so she can get a bit of alone time to enjoy her magazine without noisy children climbing on her.

9. Commodity Fragrance Cocktail Kit, $26.00

A fun perfume set that works as a cocktail kit. The scents included are: gold, rain, mimosa, tea, magnolia, whiskey, book, moss, wool, and gin and each one is super unique. They’re meant to be mixed and matched – layered to create your own signature fragrance.

10. Rifle Paper Co. Chatbook, (starting at) $19.00

Chatbooks are a fun gift on their own, but paired with the lovely signature florals of Rifle Paper Co., it’s a match made in gifting heaven.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Babies // For all the ladies in your life!


11. Pendleton Spider Rock Bath Towel, $39.50

Some of the best gifts are the ones that the receiver would love, but wouldn’t have purchased for themselves. This bath towel fits the bill perfectly. Such a cool and unexpected gift.

12. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, $58.00

For the beauty lover on your list. I recently discovered Tata Harper while making the switch to greener beauty products and this mask is my holy grail product. After using it, it’s literally like a new layer of skin has emerged, but it isn’t filled with nasty chemicals and doesn’t burn my sensitive skin. It’s a win/win.

13. FIG + YARROW Complexion Water, $18.50

This can be used as a toner, but it’s also just a nice refreshing boost for tired skin after a long day. Sometimes I’ll use it when I’m having a crap day just to mellow out – the smell it lovely. A nice gift to give someone so their can treat themselves to a little oomph in their day.

14. Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer, $195.03

The idea of instant photos is great, but sometimes it can be a disappointment when you buy expensive film and then your photos turn out dark or blurry. I got an Instax Mini a couple of years ago, but after seeing the printer they came out with I wish I’d gone for this instead. This allows you to take photos using your phone and then pick the best ones to print out mini polaroid style. Genius!

15. Seaworthy Arbas Necklace, $88.00

Seaworthy is a local Portland jewelry maker and I have quite a few of their pieces. Definitely my favorite jewelry and this necklace is on my own Christmas wish list.

16. Rose Gold Sunburst Necklace, $114.00

This Lisa Leonard necklace is simultaneously dainty and cool and it couldn’t be more perfect in of-the-moment rose gold. I love how each piece of Lisa’s jewelry tells a story and this one is no different. You can read more about this necklace here and see some of her other pieces of jewelry to choose something that truly represents your giftee.

17. Timex Weekender Rose Gold + Leather Watch, $53.96

This watch is on-trend and classic at the same time. Simple, oversized (but still delicate in its own way) and with the loveliest combination of brown leather and rose gold trim. I wear this watch ALL THE TIME. So good. Perfect for a grandma or a teenager!

18. Madewell Medium Transport Tote, $158.00

A bag that is chic and simple and can hold a lot of stuff without entertain “bag lady” territory. This one is totally on my wish list.

19. Gold Hair Pin, $49.00

An infinitely more classy way to throw up your hair than just using a plain ‘ol hair tie. Instant sophistication.

20. “Mom” Lapel Pin, $9.00

A gift for the mom in your life, so she can wear her title proudly.

21. Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Wireless Earbuds, $110.00

Who knew ear buds could be utilitarian and pretty? These are wireless, and powered by bluetooth, so whoever you get these for will be able to rock out (or, you know…listen to intellectual podcasts) unencumbered.


Happy gifting! Check back tomorrow for my gift guide for gentleman!




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