can i have a house full of little girls please?

Remember when I thought all I wanted  in the world was a little boy? Well, I would still be completely thrilled if we had a little boy,  but how fun would a house full of sisters be? Well, after discovering the blog Cakies I am convinced that a house full of girls  would be the most fun […]

creeping on closets.

If there is one thing you should know about me,  it’s that I am an observer. {photo by Elly Lucas via weheartit.} I am constantly people watching, clothes watching, home watching, etc., etc….  Sometimes it annoys my family and friends when we’re out somewhere and I get totally distracted by my surroundings.  I can be having […]

my inner fat kid.

Do you have an inner fat kid? I do. You know….the one that whispers in your ear telling you: “Go ahead.  Have that 7th cookie.” “Of course deep fried mac & cheese is an excellent source of dairy.” “Donuts are totally a complex carb and fries count as a vegetable.” “Just because you had a […]

for the man in your life.

If your husband/boyfriend/significant-male-in-your-life doesn’t have any interest whatsoever in blogging…. you are not alone.  I know this blog is called “The Little Things We Do….” meaning Craig, Marley and I, but really I’m the only one who has anything to do with it.  Obviously Marley lacks the opposable thumbs and grammatical know how necessary for […]


Babies. This is a word that has been coming up increasingly oftenin the conversations at our house. I’m 26 now and Craig and I have been married for almost three years, so I guess it’s kind of the time to start thinking about such things.  Having kids sounds good in theory.  I like the idea […]

lumber jack & jill.

I’m smitten with this party. Like…head over heels. Trish over at Frilly Milly Events did such a fabulous job on this couples shower.   The theme was “Lumber Jack & Jill”.  How cute is that? Nothing screams “Fall!” quite like plaids and comfort foods. This party theme would also be perfect for a little fall fete don’t you […]