From Eyesore to Design Game-Changer

From Eyesore to Design Game-Changer // via The Little Things We Do

One of my favorite things about our home is the fact that it has so much lovely, natural light. The living room especially. Windows for days! The pitfall to all those windows though, is that we are severely lacking in the wall space department. For ages, I’ve had visions of perfectly Pinterest-esque gallery walls dancing […]

My Teeny Tiny Swimsuit Obsession

In my pre-mama days, I used to be a wardrobe stylist. Technically I still am, but with the craziness that is life with three littles, styling gigs are few and far between, and dressing my kids is really the only wardrobe styling I have time for anymore. Hopefully, when they’re a bit bigger, I’ll get to […]

Salads That Don’t Taste Like Sadness

Salads That Don't Taste Like Sadness // via The Little Things We Do

I don’t know what things are like at your house, but at mine, meal times are a real *insert poop emoji* show. This basically means that three times a day (and that’s not including the 3,752 snacks they ask for during the day), I am a transformed into a crazy person, rushing around the kitchen […]

In the Thick of It

In the Thick of It // via The Little Things We Do

Those of you who have been reading this blog since my pre-parenting days may recall the rants of a former childless blogger (*ahem*…me) who swore to the high heavens that having babies would never change me or my lifestyle. “Our kids will have to learn to adapt,” I said, and “We’ll teach them to act right in […]

Snack Time is Our Jam

Snack Time With Kabrita Yogurt

I don’t know about you, but my kids are always hungry. Like…ALL. WAYS. “Moooooohhhhmmmmm! I’m hunnnnngry!” is a phrase I hear at least 27 times a day (per kid mind you) and it’s kind of exhausting…especially since cooking/food prep is not my jam. I’m already making breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day, and now you […]

The Netflix Hobbyist + Some of My Favorite Shows

I Used To Have Hobbies, But Then I Became a Parent

Before I had kids I had hobbies. I used to love all things crafty and I used to read actual books. I used to go to cool places that sold lovely things, or go thrifting for hours, and I used to eat at delicious restaurants. Then I had kids. Now, the only crafts I do […]